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Anthony Hayes to take team

Anthony Hayes has had an interesting coaching career spending 5 years within Brentford’s progressive coaching set-up before moving to Charlton in 2016.

The Irishman moved through the ranks at The Valley and was promoted by Ben Garner recently to be first team assistant coach. This morning he was given the job of caretaker manager following Garner’s sacking yesterday.

Hayes comes across as articulate and thoughtful, and very recently completed his UEFA Pro License. Hayes was appreciative of the support he got from Garner, and will take the team on Wednesday at Stockport and “until a replacement has been found.”

Hayes will be assisted by Jason Pearce, who knows plenty about the club. Let us hope he is coaching defending at set pieces and not passing around at the back!

The absence and what Hayes said about Scott Marshall probably means he will follow Garner out of the club.

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  1. Tim Walker #

    hoping Jason Pearce might start by coaching our keeper 1:1 on judging bouncing balls and defensive headers following his nightmare effort last week.
    I liked Garner. But looks like he did not get the support he expected from this owner with squad recruitment and neither will anyone else who takes the job. Three not unflawed but decent enough managers appointed and can’t hack it under this owner – are we destined to keep repeating this. hope we get a bit of a new manager bounce because the trap door to the bottom is always there.

    December 6, 2022
  2. Keith #

    In this world of player statistics, perhaps we should add up their back and forward passes and adjust players wages pro rata. Currently TS would break even

    December 6, 2022
  3. houndal #

    Hays after Zoom with Sandgaards:
    “Scott said he wasn’t fully committed to taking the team on Wednesday, beyond that I’m not aware of his personal situation”
    Pretty much says it all.
    Another wage off the books.

    December 6, 2022
    • houndal Says it all and everyone at SE7 a disgrace and it has all been said.
      Tonight 0-5 trounching

      December 7, 2022
  4. Shadow Play #

    I think Scott Marshall has left the club.

    Both Anthony Hayes and JP joined the club in 2016, so they both know the club inside out. There are probably no better candidates to look after things until a full-time replacement arrives.

    My thinking is we need an experienced manager, age is irrelevant, our last two managers were inexperienced and it showed. Adkins, though he had experience had been out of the game for too long and that also showed.

    The trouble is, are we likely to get someone with experience and ability unless Thomas Sandgaard offers them a decent transfer budget to work with? Teams like Charlton, with interfering owners who break promises can be career killers.

    December 6, 2022

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