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Stockley banned for 3 games

As articulate and intelligent as Jayden Stockley comes across off the pitch, he has shown us before that he doesn’t always take those brain cells onto the field.

Case in point last Saturday in the 22nd minute when a supposed intentional swinging elbow has had him today retrospectively sent off and banned for 3 games.

It does sum up Stockley’s season, and although I am sure many will applaud the fact he won’t be playing I ask the question as to who will take his place, and I suspect us to be even weaker defensively, if that is even possible.

The other question is how an earth did the delayed ban come about. The incident wasn’t seen by four match officials, but it was seen on video. Do the FA watch every game back as every game is now recorded, then give sanctions to players that committed offenses that were missed at the time? Seems very random, frivolous even!

Stockley will miss Saturday’s FA Cup game at home to Stockport, and the league games against Morecambe and Bristol Rovers.

The squad is so threadbare and now the captain takes a three-week break. So then, is Chuks capable of starting? Does Garner go with Kanu or does he rock his inner Pep Guardiola and play without a striker.

This morning Charlton announced that we will play with a half-open stadium for the Carabao Cup game against Brighton. That sets such a tone of indifference. I would think that the game offers a lot of anticipation against friendly opposition, who themselves could easily pack the Jimmy Seed. It’s the last 16 of a major cup.

Anything to save a few quid, Tommy.

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  1. houndal #

    We have been playing without a striker all season. Stockley is hardly a goal threat these days. A loss to Brighton is pretty much a given, so losing to Stockport pretty much ends our season, bar a relegation scrap.
    Bye bye Papa John, bye bye FA Cup, bye bye League Cup, bye bye League 1, bye bye Garner………Hello Johnie Jackson??

    November 24, 2022
    • Yes, of course, it goes on and the Vale players did not protest and afraid part and parcel of the game.
      However, that being said and he is very frustrated (aren’t we all with lots of things) and he needs to go in January yes see the arguments about a wafer-thin squad but frankly, as captain, there is no excuse for this behaviour.
      Just get rid and sell him and that will keep Thomas very happy!!!

      November 24, 2022
    • NA4Y #

      Hello Johnnie Jackson? That makes tomorrows performance interesting as Stockport are in 14th position in League2 1 point below AFC Wimbledon in 13th…. Think I will waste another £10 and 2 hours off my life to see how we compare

      November 25, 2022
  2. Simon Jones #

    I’d like to see the armband go to Dobbo now for the rest of the season (if he’s still here after January ).

    November 24, 2022
    • Simon’s fair point and Dobbo will be going he much too good for CAFC

      November 24, 2022
  3. JOHN F GOSS #

    Well watching the Academy players Tues evening bring them on. Stockley might find his footy boots in a week or so.

    November 24, 2022
  4. Chris #

    Just learnt that Ronaldo is on TS’s radar…watch this space !!

    November 24, 2022
    • Chris #

      It’s not THE Ronaldo…….
      It’s Arthur Ronaldo centre forward for ‘The Pickled Gurkin’ pub in Balham High Road.
      Can only play every other Saturday as he has to go shopping with his missus.

      November 24, 2022
      • How tall is he?

        November 24, 2022
        • Chris #

          He’s 5’6″ tall but he wears boots with 6″ blades……lol

          November 25, 2022
      • love it Chicago and did know your first name a former Bermuda resident and worker in the 1970s. Geeze that long ago.

        November 24, 2022

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