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Don’t cry for me Argentina

They will be dancing in the streets of Newcastle Riyadh tonight. What an incredible and deserved win by Saudi Arabia. The tournament has properly started now.

I don’t think Argentina have lost since 2019, but despite the 14 added minutes they completely ran out of ideas. A pretty shambolic start from one of the tournament favourites. Credit to Saudi, and the goal of the tournament so far from Al Dawsari.

England’s win was enjoyable yesterday. Defensively we will be unpicked, but if we take the game to teams we have plenty of attacking power to score goals. It was natural that Southgate was frustrated with conceding two goals, the VAR penalty was joke, especially in the context of the Maguire one in the 1st half, but I hope he continues to allow us to play on the front foot. It’s at least enjoyable to watch.

The argument between Graeme Souness and Roy Keane was a particular highlight on ITV at half-time of the Argentina game, but VAR and penalties will play a large part of this tournament. And I tell you what if you need a pee with three minutes to go of normal time, then go and do it, because these games are going on forever!

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  1. Chris #

    Loved the arguement between Souness and Keane some grudges never never die !!!!
    Cole moved his chair to the right just in case…
    Saudies or Tunisia to go all the way !!!!

    November 22, 2022
  2. Kevin Keelty #

    Thoroughly enjoyed the game. My (South African) wife, aware of a bit of football history, offered the Argentinians “the finger of God” at the end of the game.

    November 22, 2022
    • The finger of God. I like that Kevin.

      November 22, 2022
      • Wonderful and yes agree with you and ridiculous the extra time in all the games and yes can not help the serious injuries but not that long.
        Thoroughly enjoyed the Saudia game and well deserved their Manager is the only one who lost to Boston in League 2 and got sacked at Cambridge United!!! but a massive win over the Argies.
        England played well, especially after the early injury which in other times would have affected them but at the time we all thought well it was only Iran but that was before yesterday’s dramatic match.
        Just wait until we play the better teams and LOL got Welsh blood in me also.

        November 23, 2022
  3. greg brown #

    Sadly they are quite likely to beat Mexico and Poland and sneak in through the back door !!!

    November 22, 2022

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