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Best game ever?

Just like for the final of The Euro’s I was once again on a (long-booked) flight during the majority of the World Cup Final yesterday. I landed just at the beginning of the 2nd half and with the result seemingly a formality, I escorted the family to the mall for a bit of Christmas shopping.

The mall in Miami was pretty sparse, but there were pockets of people crowded around phones and after the gasps that followed France’s incredulous comeback, the place erupted at the finale. Whether they were Argentinian, I’m not sure – it would seem odd an Argentinian would be out shopping at this time – but the considerable Latino populace in Miami clearly enjoyed it.

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Gutted encore


We never seem to lose conventionally do we? There is always drama, agony and misgivings. I feel truly gutted for Harry Kane, he really is one of the good guys.

I thought, I think we all did, that France would be the roadblock to winning the tournament, yet the fact is beyond this round, this has to be the biggest opportunity ever to win the whole thing since 1966.

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England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 move on

That was quite comfortable in the end despite a rather tricky first half hour when Senegal should’ve or could’ve been ahead. Jordan Pickford’s one handed save was pivotal.

There was no better time to score that first, and Kane getting a second allowed us all to relax and enjoy a half-time cuppa.

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Auf Wiedersehen Pet

You have to love the World Cup. What an incredible day it was yesterday.

Group E had to be the easiest group to predict pre-tournament, yet for five minutes yesterday Japan and Costa Rica were headed to the knock-out stages in Qatar.

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Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

There’s a lot to like about Thanksgiving – eating, drinking, the complete removal of pressures to buy gifts and sport, a lot of it, and this year the added bonus of World Cup soccer football.

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Don’t cry for me Argentina

They will be dancing in the streets of Newcastle Riyadh tonight. What an incredible and deserved win by Saudi Arabia. The tournament has properly started now.

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