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Charlton Athletic 1 Oxford United 1

At least this week we didn’t have how great they’ve looked in training, but instead the players visited the club’s museum and embraced the history and traditions, and “understand that we’re now writing the next chapter.” 🤣🤣

The next page being that 1st half then, probably the worst in the last decade, in front of possibly the lowest amount of Addicks for a Saturday league match perhaps since we returned. Understanding that the train strike did not help.

The 1st half was absolute dross, the formation of 3-5-2 a mess. Defensively we are a sieve, and despite writing the next chapter of our history the players began the game as if they either had no idea of their responsibilities or didn’t want to take any, and seemingly both.

One clean sheet all season, when Derby should have been out of sight by half-time, and just two wins as we reach October after starting in July.

It has to make you laugh that Thomas Sandgaard feels that these game are worth up to £37 when we are patently unable to perform for more than spells within games. Sandgaard’s words of style of play high press, and all the other BS before it hollow.

The 2nd half vastly better, but it could hardly be worse, after Garner moved to 4-2-2. Ingenious.

Stockley more dangerous with Kirk and Fraser both playing their parts. Dobson, just like Rak-Sakyi last week could have won it at the end with a failed one-on-one, but Oxford too could have grabbed the win.

Another 1-1 draw, and another forgettable performance.

Garner outed Corey Blackett-Taylor afterwards, Bowyer-esque, and the manager is readily bombing players in and out of the team and squad as he looks for answers.

The questions however sit with just one man, well one family. What the hell is going on? Depressing.

Ben Garner: “Any formation wouldn’t have worked first half when you are like that. I don’t think it is the formation as much, I think it’s the commitment to what we’re doing and the mentality to go for it a little bit more. We target two wins this week and that will give the players more confidence than I can ever do.”

Karl Robinson: “If those players think that is disgruntled at half-time – try when Roland Duchatelet was here! Jesus Christ, I thought that was quite tame.”

Stats CAFC first): Possession – 53% / 47%; Passes – 433 / 379; Accurate passes – 327 / 284; Shots (on target) – 11 (4) / 11 (3)

Photo credit: Keith Gillard

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  1. Chris #

    First half way embarrassing to say the least and Garner sent them out early without tea and biscuits…the change in formation did help but boy oh boy we were lucky to draw. Bringing on Leaburn and Kirk worked and resulted in Jayden scoring.

    I knew Karl would be fully prepared and his team demonstrated he knew how to punish our defence.
    It’s going to be a long long long season

    October 2, 2022
  2. Wonder years #

    I told you so ……

    I take no pleasure in repeating my lower half of the league final position. The writing was on the wall. It saddens me we have been conned .

    October 2, 2022
  3. Daggs #

    Safe to say we’re up sh*t creek without a paddle, until Sandgaard either sells up or realises he needs to spend in January.

    October 2, 2022
    • Steve #

      What’s he selling? He owns the recurring losses nothing else.

      October 2, 2022
      • Correct Steve. And the over performance, value laden, future asset playing squad…..

        October 2, 2022
  4. houndal #

    Still 6 months of this dross until we can say welcome to Hartlepool, and a local derby against Johnnie Jackson.
    The panic loans in January should cause some amusement.

    October 2, 2022
  5. Wayne Burtt #

    Two comments:
    Why is JFC not on the team sheet? Is T(BS)S punishing him?
    Get rid of the blue away kit. It reminds me too much of ‘that successful team’ down SE16 way…

    October 2, 2022
    • Wayne – can’t answer on comment 2, but 1, isn’t there some kind of payment that is owed to JFC if he plays? I understand that maybe the contract arrangement he has with TS, hence….

      October 2, 2022
      • Wayne Burtt #

        ChAd, if you understand correctly then things are worse than I thought down SE7…

        October 3, 2022

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