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Danny Murphy new head physio

Let’s hope Mrs Murphy, if there is one, is okay with the bright lights of SE7 and SE9, unlike his namesake, according to urban legend anyhow.

Welcome back to Danny Murphy, appointed today as Charlton’s first team’s Head Physiotherapist.

Sounds as if Danny is a local lad and he began his career at the Community Trust and has gained impressive experience along the way. When Gareth Bale left Tottenham for Real Madrid, it was to Murphy that Bale turned to, to join him as his personal physio. That must be a Galácticos thang.

The players and Lee Bowyer both talked highly of him when he came in last December to consult on our injuries and performance and Danny could be a crucial new signing, and for sure will be a busy man,

Another statement of intent from Thomas Sandgaard and Ged Roddy.

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