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Valley Pass Live

I’ve been watching games on iFollow and Valley Pass for a fair while, we have been allowed to buy live coverage since 2017 as overseas’ fans. Yet while grateful to be closer to the ‘match day experience’ there was nearly always picture, sound, buffering or latency issues and the home viewing experience was mostly perfunctory and not necessarily pleasurable. Taking the emotion out of the result and team performance of course.

I tended mostly to listen just to the commentary, but the live pictures have steadily gotten better, notably last season after lockdown when it simply had to pick up it’s game.

But what a very enjoyable experience yesterday’s Valley Plus Live was…. again trying to forget about the result as part of my evaluation.

Scott Minto presented the three hour show, and is an obvious natural. Why or what Sky Sports were thinking only they know, but Minto is polished, bright and totally biased, what’s not to like? Good looking chap too. Jason Euell was the guest, who was particularly insightful at half-time.

The multiple camera angles were excellent, pregame we got some behind the scenes content and were given another chance to listen to Thomas Sandgaard speaking on the pitch with heart firmly on sleeve. Straight after the match Minto interviewed Jonny Williams with a smile as long as the Blackwell Tunnel before he jumped out The Valley tunnel, and the the show wrapped up with Lee Bowyer’s postgame thoughts.

Bearing in mind the Addicks’ didn’t even commit to iFollow initially the club have come a long way, and since Sandgaard’s arrival have taken the massive, and not inexpensive steps to take the coverage in house and present the game as a proper show.

It was a tenner very well spent. Curbs joins Scotty Minto for the Tuesday’s game.

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    Totally agree. It was a decent watch and the multiple (and closer up) camera angles made it as good as a sky game (kind of) Minto did well and I think the whole thing will continue to improve. This is a smart move by the club as I suspect we aren’t too far away from clubs broadcasting their own games and offering digital season tickets. Good news for remote/ time pressed fans. I’d still rather go but that isn’t often possible so this is actually a great value add.
    Coverage did make me want to be there on a murky December afternoon under the lights. Nice not to have to stress about us holding onto a lead in the last 10 mins as well.

    December 13, 2020
  2. Ken #

    Any idea why Charlton charge more for an ifollow international pass than the other clubs do? I thought all clubs were supposed to charge the same.

    December 13, 2020
    • Aren’t they all £10?

      December 13, 2020
      • Ken #

        They’re £7 a game for other clubs or £140 for a season ticket, against Charltons £190 for a season.

        December 13, 2020
        • iFollow is £10 across the board. 80% goes to the clubs.

          December 14, 2020
          • Ken #

            Hi Ken Jennings. Current *International* pass fees can be found at ifollow zendesk com. £7 for a match pass, £140 for a season pass. Minimum of 70% goes to the club whom the pass is booked with. Charlton however charge more!

            December 15, 2020

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