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Emma Raducanu

When I was 18 I was in Henry’s in Bromley drinking beer, trying to chat to girls and get Scott Minto’s autograph.

Emma Raducano’s achievement tonight of becoming the U.S. Open champion is quite mindboggling. She came from out of literally nowhere. Just 18 and with a youth tennis path so different to child prodigy’s we have seen in the past.

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Charlton TV

Not since I was a free and single young man when my brother and I would be chief connoisseurs of Little Chef’s Olympic Breakfasts on the countries motorways have I watched as many Charlton games than I did this past season all courtesy of course to Charlton TV and a global pandemic.

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Special sauce

I love that Alan Curbishley still calls Robert Lee ‘Robert.’ Over the years I have spent a fair bit of time with Rob(ert), I am good friends with his brother and absolutely everyone calls him Rob, accept Curbs and Addicks’ fans of a certain generation.

The turnstile operator, the 17-year old on the back of the programme, the lost contact lense, that was always Robert, but not to anyone else including his Dad who was born in Woolwich.

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Charlton Athletic 1 Burton Albion 2

No one can defend that I’m afraid. It was demoralizing, despairing and repetitive.

Great start, took the lead, hit the bar a few times, goal disallowed but then the blasted rules f-d us over as they also allow the opposing the team to attack.

And sadly that was that. Their striker wanted the header more than our defence, then their bloke was allowed to walk unabated 10 yards and scored a worldly/ deflection/ lucky goal (*delete as appropriate) and we never in a million years looked like scoring again.

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Valley Pass Live

I’ve been watching games on iFollow and Valley Pass for a fair while, we have been allowed to buy live coverage since 2017 as overseas’ fans. Yet while grateful to be closer to the ‘match day experience’ there was nearly always picture, sound, buffering or latency issues and the home viewing experience was mostly perfunctory and not necessarily pleasurable. Taking the emotion out of the result and team performance of course.

I tended mostly to listen just to the commentary, but the live pictures have steadily gotten better, notably last season after lockdown when it simply had to pick up it’s game.

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