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Cullen is back

Josh Cullen is back in the building, but with just one day of the summer transfer window left there’s plenty of room for more.

Charlton announced the second season loan for 23-year old Cullen today, who I assume failed to impress West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini enough in pre-season to gain a Hammers’ squad number for the coming season. Many Hammers’ fans, possibly desperate for a bit of famed West Ham academy talent to break through, seemed bemused by the decision, but their loss is our gain, and Lee Bowyer mirrored the excitement of fans the latest signing brought.

Cullen’s contract expires next June, so one would assume that his signing is with a view of something more permanent next summer.

Steve Gallen said: “I’m so happy about this signing. We’ve not let this go all summer. I’ve been chipping away at this every single day to make this happen. There have been days and weeks where you think it is definitely not happening but when we found out yesterday there was a slim chance, we were on it in a flash.”

The gang is back, well sort off, and with Lyle Taylor currently still in the building, tomorrow is as about as momentous as that 94th minute winner at Wembley was a few months back.

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  1. Shadow Play #

    A good signing, after letting Dijksteel go this was the news we needed. The longer the season progressed the better Cullen played and arguably he was our man of the match over the last three months. It wasn’t just the cross for Bauer’s goal, there was also a bit of magic to set up Jason Pearce for the only goal at Wycombe and several other assists. Along with Williams we now have the creativity we need in midfield.

    August 8, 2019
    • Great news getting Cullen back, was reading about Djikestill, could never spell that name, and it seemed a cert Taylor was going, am aware there is still time for that to happen, anyway was choking on my rice crispies and lost all interest in mending the garden gate, by the end of the day my ipad had steam coming out of it, had cramp in my index finger and refused to open the door to pay the window cleaner, such are the passions this bloody football club invoke in me, little did I know that when when three of my buddies and me climbed over Terry’s fence in Charlton Lane in 1961 to watch Charlton and Lincoln City, sharing our polo’s and blackjacks the way it would shape our lives, literally all of our life stiles now, we’re forged by people we met because in someway Charlton bloody athletic brought us together, asked my wife, she blames the vodka the” Valley Club”were dishing up, anyway I digress, it’s deadline day and I’m mad as hell, my brother supports Tottenham his life is so much simpler. Here endith the rantings of an old who should know better.

      August 8, 2019
      • Haha. That’s brilliant. Football eh? How empty our lives would be without Charlton..

        August 8, 2019
  2. anotherdean #

    Definitely lifted the spirits in our house. Great camaraderie between him and his teammates as well – TOS tweeted that Dillon Phillips was involved in that “chipping away” to get him back. Great to have him back and a boost to morale as well as our midfield.

    That leaves, what, four more to get through the doors today? Good grief. Gallen’s definitely a magician, but if he manages that should rename him “Gandalf”.

    August 8, 2019

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