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Nathan Jones leaves Luton

Despite being a staunch promotion rival you have to feel sorry for Luton Town fans after Nathan Jones left for Stoke City.

Addicks fans know how ambitious Jones is. Money I don’t think has ever been his drive, just the passion to work hard and improve. He left our coaching staff in 2013 to take up a role at Brighton, who were on the verge of good things. His two and a half years at Albion magnified his reputation and he took his first managerial role at Luton 3 years ago, and has had unprecedented success.

Stoke after having a reputation of sticking with managers have recently rolled the dice a couple of times on the tried and trusted table and Jones is a move away for that. Just 8 points of what looks like a wide-open Championship play-off’s, Stoke under Jones have every chance to make it back to the promised land.

Thanks to Jones Luton too are in a fantastic position, but the two clubs and their infrastructure’s are world’s apart and Jones believes in himself enough to grab the opportunity.

As for Luton, a quick and successful appointment is critical. Michael Appleton is the bookmaker’s early favourite.

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