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Nathan Jones

Congratulations to Nathan Jones on his first managerial post at Luton Town

Jones was always destined to make the move into management and his reputation that he had built at Charlton with the U21’s has only magnified following his two and a half years at Brighton, where he once played, and was also caretaker manager for a while. Good luck to him.

My point of this post is, that if I was Katrien Meire and searching for a full time head coach just in case the Interim doesn’t work out, then Nathan Jones would have to be someone I would insist on meeting. 

Fans, sorry customers, including myself have fawned over Paul Lambert, Nigel Pearson, Curbs, Oscar Garcia, Brian McDermott, Nigel Clough, Gus Poyet, Paulo DiCanio, Alex McLeish, even Malky MacKay. Remember when he was favourite to take over because he was at the Brentford game? What fools are we?

Anyway, I am Katrien Meire, I giggle a lot, oh and I have a budget, not a very good one, sort of a lower league Belgium one. But hey, if I was a good CEO, I would understand and make it my business to know what potential new hires are out there. 

We know how much Nathan Jones earnt at Charlton, we probably have something in a file somewhere that tells me what he got paid at Brighton and come on, he is not in Paul Lambert territory. How much can Luton be paying him?

I don’t think Jones is driven by money, he is driven by ambition. Ambition Charlton should have realized, and it says everything about the zero effort the club has made in looking at permanent head coaches or managers that can give us a shot at survival this season, and then over a period of time with planning and vision from the owner, move OUR club forward developing talent and improving players already at the club.

But, nope, the Interim is still being allowed to find his new manager bounce. No rush!

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  1. I agree CA , although it might be expedient to see how he gets on at Luton first !

    January 7, 2016
  2. Did you pick up that they have had the Twitter accounts suspended of those FANS who have used the Charlton Logo? For using the logo without permission. Unbelievably poor tactics. Could you get the word out about this please.

    January 7, 2016
  3. a2c #

    Ow sexist, now mockin Katrien cos she giggles. Do yourn attack men who giggle n all, oh no cos there men. The sexists n exenophobes are ahrt on ere.

    January 7, 2016
    • Lighten up a2c, I think ‘gigglist’ is the worst you could throw here at CA. Unlike your other more sinister accusations you could probably make the ‘gigglism’ thing stick!

      January 7, 2016

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