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Blog stats from 2018

In early January 2018 my millionth visitor clicked on this Blog. Prior to my move to WordPress in August 2010, I was less popular but still had 350,000 visits when my Blog was hosted by Blogger. In 2018 these pages had 177,649 visits, which means I have passed the 1,500,000 mark. Something to be proud off. And thank you.

Last year’s visit total was up on 2017 by 27%, although not quite as good as my record ever count in 2016.

I was pretty consistent in my output writing on average 17 posts a month. My most active being 20 in January. I did 14 in November. I wrote 207 in total, and still manage to hold down a full-time job!

My most popular post in 2018 was one on Gerard Murphy. “Widely expected to become Charlton’s new CEO..” I started. Hmmmm.

You’ll like this. My 2nd most popular post in 2018 was one I wrote in May of 2014. It was on Karel Fraeye. Not my best opined work on the Belgian legend, but if I remember there was a bit of press about him in Belgium football at that time last year, and people were searching his name, and all the posts I’d written that carried his name got an uptick. I hope for his sake it wasn’t future employers.

Newsnow are the largest director of readers to my Blog, but my thanks go out to Doctor Kish who also sends many thousands of readers my way. Thanks Ketts. Sunday is my busiest day in terms of visitors, which is unsurprising.

Finally, and this stat always astonishes me. Readers from 151 different countries visited my Blog in 2018. The UK was by the far the majority followed by USA, Australia, Spain, Canada, France and Thailand. To the person or persons that regularly click on in Mauritius, Uganda, Nepal and The Maldives I very much appreciate your support.

As I do everyone else that reads these pages. Again, thank you.

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  1. Dennis Storey #

    Well Done !! I always read your posts… Good game yesterday, much much better in the second half and on chances, should have won. Best regards Dennis

    January 6, 2019
  2. LP #

    Happy new year ca. Still hoping and praying. Wished on a shooting star last week.

    January 6, 2019
    • Happy New Year LP. I’m making la la la la la noises in my head and have my fingers in my ears at the moment..

      January 6, 2019
  3. Russell #

    Happy New Year CA.

    Still enjoying reading after 14 years. That night out in Chicago seems like a lifetime away now.

    January 6, 2019

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