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Gerard Murphy

Widely expected to become Charlton’s new CEO, which frankly almost anyone could fill the seat better than the last person in that role, I thought I’d snoop around a bit to see what we can find out about the prominent Australian sports consultant Gerard Murphy.

Murphy has specialized in turning around and shaping businesses with a sports bent for almost 20 years and has his own consultancy business and has past involvement in a wide range of sports teams down under. He has been recognized as being a catalyst for success for sporting organisations such Aussie Rules clubs Geelong, Hawthorn, Sydney and Richmond plus rugby union teams Wellington Hurricanes and Melbourne Rebels, who high compete in the high profile Southern Hemisphere tournament Super 15.

Murphy also grew a fine reputation with the New Zealand Breakers basketball team, Surfing Australia and the Australian rowing team.

Murphy has also worked successfully behind the scenes within UK sport notably at West Ham and Palace. However it was role at England’s RFU that courted him the most publicity, some unwanted, when he was hired by Martin Johnson as a ‘buffer’ between the players and Johnson’s management team. It didn’t work and some of his newly fangled physiological ideas such as giving players positive nicknames was widely ridiculed. That was almost ten years ago, although Murphy counts as a key achievement on his website ‘as a key member of the coaching team with the victorious England Rugby Union team in 2011 Six Nations.’

More positively Murphy worked with the Great Britain Olympic Team leading up to London 2012. Naturally many of the athletes compete individually but he drove a high performance team culture across many discipline, and again you can find some positive feedback online about his efforts.

Leadership consultants within sports clubs is not unusual in Australia and Murphy is co-founder of Leading Teams.. The company are behind many of Australia and New Zealand top sports clubs, particularly those in Aussie Rules. Two summer’s ago he did leave the Richmond Tigers under a bit of a cloud, possibly because it was at this time he was joining forces with Andre Muir and others at the Australian Football Consortium to build investment to enter English football. Coventry, QPR, Norwich, Fulham and the Addicks had all been on AFC’s radar at some point previously.

It is not just sport that Murphy has dedicated time to, he has a list of corporations as long as his arm that he has been associated with including Shell, Caterpillar, and Telstra.

Gerard Murphy’s ideals surround building a high performance culture of teamwork. Lee Bowyer preached similar traits into his players. Murphy talks of getting teams on the right track, setting strategy, culture and training that’s leads to success.

It is obvious where Murphy’s skills and experience lie, and he has successfully translated this into the business and sports world, and onto the coaching side too, but mostly within his home country. The question will be whether his expertise can translate into an English League One football team.

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  1. Paul Mace #

    I now doubt there will be a deal . I blame RE and CARD.

    How is it that everyone ITK has got it wrong and 4 weeks after the end of the season we are doing nothing and our competitors are preparing energetically.

    June 7, 2018
  2. Roger Smith #

    Until the EFL have finished, nothing can be done. Until the EFL have finished RD Still owns the Club.

    June 9, 2018

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