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Who is the real Andrew Muir?

Australian writer John Stensholt recently interviewed Andrew Muir mostly about his healthy food crusade with primary school kids working alongside British chef and all round good bloke Jamie Oliver.

In that interview Stensholt says that Muir was “erroneously” linked with a bid to buy Charlton Athletic. I assume they were Muir’s words not thrown in by The Australian’s sub-editors.

Who an earth are you Andrew and what do you want? And why if I Google your name, you are far more recognized for being seen wearing a Charlton scarf stood in the The Valley’s west stand, than being a man keen to change the way kids eat at school in Australia. Just weird, as Roly would say.

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Takeover latest

Not sure about you but I had forgotten all about it. Just when I was wondering why I had a boomerang and painted the front of the house green and gold Rich Cawley has given us an update.

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Counting the days

Quite ironic isn’t it that we still have the crackpot nutty professor in charge yet new owners wait on passing the EFL’s ‘Fit and Proper Persons’ test. Andrew Muir’s Australian group plan to complete the takeover of the club within the next couple of weeks, all depending on how long the EFL take to do whatever it is they do.

Undercover work by one Addick has unearthed a newly established UK company called Echidna Acquisitions registered by expected CEO Gerard Murphy on April 30th with Australian Football Consortium as shareholder. Two plus two would tell us that this is the vehicle the Aussies will use to acquire the club.

Charlton fan James Dutton, who is Jimmy Seed’s grandson has added some more, seemingly positive vibes, on his Blog here.

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It’s the hope that kills you

Struggled today after last night’s disappointment. Hopefully the players are thinking more positively but Sunday is going to need a top Charlton performance, one not just of steely determination and passion, but from somewhere we have to get goals. Pearce’s backside and an Amos big goal kick have provided our only goals in the last 4 games.

On the flip side, it was only a perfect strike from Nolan that broke our defensive stronghold, and Amos again looked confident in goal. We all know what it takes, and I am sure 1,500 noisy Addicks will provide tremendous backing on Sunday afternoon in Shropshire.

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Duchatelet stalls sale

Sky Sports ran a story yesterday and I had heard it myself from a very reliable source that the vindictive old bastard had stalled takeover talks to wait and see how we fair in the play-offs. It is what we have come to expect from the egotistical lunatic.

This of course could end two ways, well four. We get promoted and he pushes the price up. We get promoted and he convinces himself that he is a football club owning genius and decides to carry on with his project.

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Muir speculation

Andrew Muir is a name linked with a takeover of Charlton back to last October. More recently it was thought that an Australian bid was still very much in the picture, albeit balking at Duchatelet’s inflated price.

Today Rick Everitt produced an excellent investigative piece for VOTV giving not only a much desired ‘takeover update’ but also gave us some explanation to why ex-Rangers director and turnaround businessman and accountant Donald Muir (photo) was at the Oldham game on Saturday sat next to Alex McLeish.

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Andrew Muir

I’m late with this mostly because I haven’t had a chance to type a few words, but secondly also because we have had so many false dawns and I don’t want to get over excited.

However Rick Everitt has further added to his piece on the VOTV website to which ends “with certainty that the due diligence is at an advanced stage. While that does not guarantee a deal will be concluded or any timeline, it will necessarily have required extensive co-operation from the football club, which is unlikely to have been forthcoming without significant proof of funds and an indicative agreement on price. In short, the approach has to be a credible one and of interest to Duchatelet simply to have got this far.” more

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