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Rochdale 1 Charlton Athletic 0

I was thinking before the game, that with no disrespect to Rochdale, if a team is to win promotion from this league then these are the kind of games that have to be won. Dale have lost at home to Peterborough, Barnsley, Walsall, Portsmouth and Doncaster already this season.

However a Charlton win never looked likely today. I watched on ifollow and we were hugely disappointing. There was effort and Pearce for example, had an excellent game, but Dale had our number. They closed us down at every opportunity, chased us into every corner, they defended in packs, and further to their credit, they showed plenty of threat going forward led by the experienced Henderson.

We meanwhile were unable to change up the way we played. Lacking energy and continually, laboriously playing the ball out from defence, often giving the ball away in our own third, and rarely inciting any worthwhile attacks.

Bowyer was more decisive with his substitutions today but the wily Keith Hill had us sussed. Despite a makeshift defence, this team is much better than this, but too many are inconsistent, or put another way, mid table League One players. It’s time for less talk of promotion and more talking on the field.

The first half we were poor, but slowly started to get a grip on the game, and then missed a penalty. We hit the bar twice and Cullen had a goal that was disallowed, but Dale were well worth their win.

This division is better than last year. The sides at the bottom are far better than last season, and teams like Rochdale, Wycombe, Gillingham, Fleetwood, Walsall and Southend all carry threats and can beat any team on their day.

We need to be better. Consistently better, otherwise this sadly is our level.

Addicks at Spotland: Doctor Kish
Bow: “I’ve just questioned attitude.”
Elsewhere: Might start looking below us! Bradford are going through a terrible time and lost for the fifth consecutive time 4-0 at Gillingham. Oxford beat Shrewsbury 3-0 and Plymouth had a very good win at Scunthorpe 4-1 to leave the Bantams bottom. Wimbledon were beaten again, this time by Luton and Bistol Rovers, who played well at Barnsley, went down 1-0.
Photo: @K_AndrewsPhotos

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  1. Yes good someone stating it as it is instead of those always dressing it up ie Charlton Live/Pass who know everything about CAFC and the World at large (excuse me while I cough)
    Yes, excellent comment and have mad this a number of times, I just hate it when the players state after the Barnsley game and others, we cannot wait for the next match!!!
    More waffle and do the talking on the pitch and it is all the players including our strikers too.

    October 27, 2018
  2. don topley #

    Individually the players are at least a match for every team in this division. As a team we are not and that is the managers responsibility. Any more of this and an experienced manager must be brought in. We can not let sentimentality over ex players get in the way of the job in hand.

    October 28, 2018
  3. rierti #

    Bowyer is a novice as both a coach and a manager and as such can be expected at times to show his inexperience. I am sure that he will make mistakes but he must learn from them.There is no doubt that he has the club at heart. He has a tendency to overpraise individuals probably as a motivational tool. His statements last season regarding Ajose and Kaikai did not ring true and so it proved. His praise of Pratley after the Oxford game was also overdone. Pratley was shaky in the first half particularly in the air but improved significantly in the second half so he did well but was not outstanding. Aribo has received a lot of praise notably from Jackson, he is a talented player but often goes missing particularly in the second half. Other midfield players such as Reeves and Ward have been limited to reduced time on the pitch because of the need to build up match fitness following injury (Reeves) or lack of appearances with his former club (Ward). If everybody was 100 percent fit the midfield should give an improved 90 minute performance,
    Bowyer should be given more time to learn his trade. With prospects of a takeover fading and limited resources available he has done well. We do not need another Robinson.

    October 29, 2018

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