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After a few absorbing days with family in Cartagena, Colombia and after a one-night stopover in Miami, I’m now on a plane to Las Vegas. Probably to be absorbed. This is for a mate’s 50th and the squad assembled, which is bigger than Charlton’s match day one, looks a little ominous.

Three long nights, daytimes of pool parties and the gaps filled up with black jack. Just what this body of mine was built for. Once.

Stupidly I suggested out loud that the birthday boy and me could do a compression day and night in South Beach on the way back, so we hang there in one of my favourite places on Sunday night. Back home late Monday.

Cartagena I will write more on in due course, but the 500-year old city has a lot to explore, and annoying hawkers aside the colourful streets with balconies overflowing with bougainvillea on all sides hold plenty of history and stories within them as does the 4km wall, with ornate turrets and it’s secret tunnels, that surrounds the old city.

I think four days was enough in Cartagena, but Colombia is a big country and I do wish that we had a few more days to travel south and visit somewhere like Medellin. Another day. Let’s survive Las Vegas first.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    Had a few hours in Cartagena, off a cruise ship, many years ago and that was enough for me. You mention “annoying hawkers” and that was the case back then. They are totally insufferable and will simply not desist, even when politely asked. They do tend to back off when you show some annoyance! I recall seeing a number of armed soldiers with automatic weapons standing here, there and everywhere. Picturesque for sure and steeped in history, but was glad to re-board the cruise ship.

    August 16, 2018
  2. Bob – The hawkers were very annoying and do their best to ruin an outdoor dinner or even a stroll. Only harsh words (the same in any language) would get rid of them unfortunately. Pretty place though.

    August 16, 2018

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