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Coffee break

Since we’ve been in Bermuda, we have made good use of quickish flights from Miami to Central America and have been fortunate to visit Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. I took a good look at El Salvador this summer, but decided eventually on Colombia and a city I have longingly admired, Cartagena, which is as the crow flies ‘just around’ the Caribbean coast from Panama City.

Long a safer haven from the geo-political and drug issues of the rest of Colombia, Cartagena is a walled city founded as an important Spanish port almost 500 years ago. The Old Town of Cartagena is a UNESCO world heritage site and by all accounts is a colourful burst of mazy streets with cobbled alleyways and leafy plazas juxtaposed across the bay by a jumble of modern high rises and a busy seaport.

It’s a big city with a population of 1,000,000 people, but we are staying in the old town and I’m looking forward to soaking in the history as well giving Cartagena’s renowned food scene a good going over and of course drink plenty of coffee.

Today we fly to Miami for the day and night. We are staying in Surfside which is squeezed between North Miami Beaches less glamourous resorts and Bal Harbour, where every shop front is designer. Then tomorrow around half time of the Charlton match we fly the 2.5 hours to Cartagena.

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