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Two weeks

Sunderland v Charlton 12.30pm (live on Sky Sports). Two weeks time.

Today, we are at Crawley in the latest pre-season friendly. They have a manager called Harry Kewell, who if rumours were correct could have been Charlton’s manager for the past 6 months!

Expect a team and bench this afternoon with a good sprinkling of academy players. Whilst Elliot Ward has moved on, Simon Dawkins and Rohan Ince will probably feature. Ince is a rather limited defensive midfielder, and was released by Brighton at the end of last season. Ince has been relegated from League One in each of the last two seasons whilst on loan. First of all with Swindon, then with Bury.

Talk about shopping in the pound store. Lee Bowyer said earlier in the week that we need to be patient.“There’s no point bringing in players that aren’t as good or better than the players we’ve got already.” 100% agree with that, but Ince better than Aribo, JFC and Pratley?

Talking of Pratley, Bowyer said he will not be ready for Sunderland. I thought that game was in two weeks, and I doesn’t look as if the ex-Bolton man has been eating kebabs all summer. No Reeves either, and poor Anfernee Dijksteel is suffering from pneumonia. This was going to be Dijksteel’s break out season and that is rough on the 21-year old. We all hope he recovers soon.

Meanwhile our numbers look thinner and thinner by the day, with rumours of player exits before deadline day still doing the rounds.

GK: Phillips
Def: Solly, Bauer, Sarr, Pearce, Page
Def/Mid: Dijksteel (injured)
Central Mid: Aribo, Forster-Caskey, Pratley (not fit)
Attacking Mid/Wide: Marshall, Fosu, Reeves (injured), Clarke (injured)
Striker: Magennis, Hackett-Fairchild, Grant, Taylor, Ajose, Vetokele (injured)

Still two weeks is a long time in football. Right?

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  1. Sammy 61 #

    It’s funny how you leave players out to make a point .. Maynard-Brewer is number two GK and to be honest looked better then Phillips in pre season ( David Martin training with the club )
    Taylor Maloney in mid again impressed in preseason and may force his way in also George Lapslie has taken his chance as well
    Pratley will play some part of Sunderland game , Bowyer started mind games very early and in September we have Reeves Clarke and Vetokele back like new signings so the squad is pretty strong for div one level … plus two more due in

    July 21, 2018
    • That was a first team squad. Maynard-Brewer, Maloney and Lapslie have played how many league games exactly?

      July 21, 2018
    • I think today’s bench underlines the point I was trying to make. 15 mins of subs appearances between them.

      July 21, 2018
    • rierti #

      Albie Morgan is the best of the young players he should make the bench early in season

      July 21, 2018
      • rierti #

        Rohan Ince on the face of it looks a questionable move,however, he was considered promising 3/4 years ago. He was at Brighton at the same as JFC and as they are both midfielders will know each other well. At 25 his best years are still in front of him.He is a big unit and may find a future as a central defender more appropriate.I am sure JFC will have been consulted.Let’s hope it works out on a trial basis if not move him on.

        July 22, 2018
        • My Brighton mate wasn’t very complimentary yet he may be forgetting how far they have come in the 4 years that Ince has been there. Of course he may do a squad job in a couple of positions in League One

          July 22, 2018
    • Shadow Play #

      Maynard-Brewer, Lapslie etc my have great futures ahead of them but for now they are squad players and need to be brought through gently and not over-loaded. Over playing young players leads to lengthy injury breaks and can damage their confidence. They are not starters.

      July 25, 2018

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