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Lee Bowyer statement

“The last two months have been some of the most enjoyable of my career in football and I’d like to thank everyone associated with Charlton Athletic for that.” (more)

Some may dissect Bowyer’s words for what lies underneath, but for me he never sat in front of the press or us and sounded contrived or pre-meditated, he just came across as calm and considerate and increasingly like a man who was enjoying what he was doing. I’ve made my vote, and would love him to carry on under new owners for no other reason that he will add continuity, knows the club and vitally has earned much goodwill amongst the fan base for doing something that no one has accomplished since Chris Powell was kicked out by Duchatelet, and that is bringing pride and togetherness back across the team and supporters.

“As well as the thank yous, I’d also like to apologise. I wanted promotion, I thought we would get promoted and it hurts and frustrates me that we didn’t get there.”

Hold your head up Lee, go and spend time with the family and catch some carp. You will always hold a place in our memories, whatever happens.

Another class statement was released by Ben Amos here, who over the course of 50 games proved what an excellent keeper he is.

Also of interest today at the club was that Harry Lennon had a clause in his contract exercised to keep him in SE7 for another season. Lennon’s season was sadly ruined by injury. The club also added that the released and retained list will be issued on Friday. From memory there weren’t actually many players out of contract, but who is making these decisions?

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  1. Yes indeeed who the hell is making these decisions, but Charlton Live well some of them know everything about anything right.
    Well done Bows and JJ in getting so far, but in realilty the inability to take chances where there for all to see all season long and nothing done to rectify it.
    Same with the playoffs no scored scored and yes they did tried.
    Sort this T/o out fast and the last opinion is that the Rat will not be completely gone.
    If this is true, we will be livid and he simply has to go, but these evil vidictive old basket, who is so greedy and anything could happen and he made a good job so fr in ruining CAFC just about to the ground,
    Get out all departments and especially the media team a bunch of losers also and also Hyprogits right Ollie Groombe, those on Valley pass ie charlton live team all get out,

    May 16, 2018
  2. rierti #

    Very pleased Harry Lennon will be with CAFC next season I rate him highly. Let’s hope he has finally shaken off the effects of his severe injury.
    It will be interesting to see who is released and who is transfer listed, I suspect most of those released will be from the U23 and U18 squads based on advice from Avory and Euell.
    Both the U18 and U23 teams have recently featured trailists, some of them have looked useful and would strengthen the respective squads.

    May 16, 2018
    • I believe other than the loans, it is just Kashi who has his contract up among the senior pros. I would say we have seen the last of Kashi.

      May 16, 2018

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