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A ghost club

Here is an excellent outside prognosis of the current state of Charlton written by the excellent Twohundredpercent website.

The article is called the ‘Forgotten club’ and within the article the Addicks are described as a ‘ghost club.’

The forgotten club line rings true, long gone are the days when we can say to strangers “you know Charlton Athletic, we were in Premier League a couple of years back.” We are a forgotten club to most football fans and media that only concentrate on the Premier League and upper echelons of The Championship.

Moreover, what rings more true for me is the ghost club tag. After supporting the club for 43 years watching probably around a 1,000 games, despite not living in the country since 2003, those two words are how I feel about the thing I have loved for longer than anything in my life. My parents and brother aside.

I have yet to go to a game this season, which it is literally ridiculous when I think I would regularly fly back from Chicago just for a weekend to see them play.

Presently and for a while I feel hollow inside when I think about Charlton, yes naturally I follow games, regularly listen to the commentaries, immerse myself in Charlton Life and gossip, but I feel like that something that makes your heart flutter, or jump or sink has disappeared. I hope to god it comes back. Please sell the club Roland.

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  1. Highlighting the family relationship aspect is key here CA. If you were in a relationship with a friend or partner where you felt you gave so much but got nothing in return you would end it. With family you have no choice and for many that is the same relationship you have with your football team – those that change football allegiance are irrelevant.

    I guess you just have to take the long term view that fortunes move in cycles and that hopefully we have bottomed out.

    March 23, 2018
  2. Mate. Keep the faith – I know results are very important and it has driven me mad and consistently depressed me for 4 years now but it genuinely appears to be nearing the end and if we get a sensible owner and a bit of success, it will all look a lot rosier and crowds will return

    March 23, 2018
  3. I know gents. Don’t worry I’ll be back. As you say Tex, football is very cyclical. How did Burnley end up there for example. Always a dream to follow.

    March 23, 2018
  4. LP #

    Just catching up after a hellish week at work. Come on ca, we’re nearly there. I know how you feel and for the first time in just shy of 50 years i didn’ t go to a game i could have. Worse i didn’t feel a thing. Going today though with free tickets wadges of which hastily given to schools yesterday. I wasn’t a robinson fan but he was far from the worst. I absolutely do not care how much money the aussies have got. We need to keep our good youngsters and rebuild but people have to be patient. Curbs had a 10 year plan remember.

    March 24, 2018

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