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Rosette’s are red

CARD plan to honour Addicks’ fans at the 25th Back to The Valley anniversary game by distributing thousands of red-and-white rosettes to fans outside the stadium. The rosettes are to celebrate the part played by fans in the re-opening of the The Valley in 1992, and particularly the role of the Valley Party, whose 60 candidates amassed almost 15,000 votes in the 1990 local elections, changing Greenwich Council policy in the process.

With the risk of the true meaning of the game being lost by the club, I am happy to see the return of CARD for the first time this season. Katrien Meire is on record as not caring about the club’s history and has regularly failed to mention the massive role that fans had in bringing the club back to it’s spiritual home.

CARD also added: “By wearing red-and-white rosettes on December 9th, Charlton fans can make sure that supporters take their proper place at the heart of the celebrations – a visible tribute to the Valley Party campaigners, the volunteers who worked on the ground to get it ready in time, those who paid into the Valley Investment Plan to help fund it, and, of course, the 1992 directors.”

“At the same time, rosettes are a traditional symbol of support for a football team, as well as a feature of elections, so we believe this is a positive initiative and that they will add to the occasion for everyone – hopefully with the same outcome on the pitch as 25 years ago.”

Fans have been growing increasingly frustrated at the way the club have been trying to cash in what should be a day of fan celebration. First the club refused to invite any member of the Valley Party for the 25th anniversary organizing committee, then they throw on a dinner at a ridiculous price of £95, and attempt to sell a kit in a box for the inflated price of £75.

And then parallel to all this the club refuse to put home area tickets on restricted sale after Pompey quickly sold out the Jimmy Seed Stand, and judging by many sources we now expect to see away fans scattered around home areas. How did the club not foresee that Pompey would sell out?

Today, the club attempted to make things ‘better’ by offering Portsmouth 700 additional seats in the far two block of the East Stand. Why?

Any additional revenue will go to the Community trust, but why wait until 4 days after the away allocation was sold out? Saturday 9th December at The Valley should be a day of celebration, but the club are making it into a sham, with potential for crowd trouble. I wonder who Meire will blame for that?

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  1. charltonlanedave #

    Flithy lucre, that’s why @grabbingeverypenny

    December 1, 2017

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