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Duchatelet opens his gob again

Tom Rubashow must be rubbing his hands at getting his feet under the desk at Charlton. He is set to start work for the club on January 2nd. If I was him I wouldn’t bother.

The mad crackpot Roland Duchatelet has opened his mouth again:

“He (Chris Powell) is not a clever person and those who think the same are also not clever. In principle we were giving them the advice so they had responsibility and could take responsibility and that is how we work. I find it very stupid that a person who is getting help, an important person for the club, does not accept it. I also find that the activists, some activists at the club, who from their reactions think the coach was right, well they are just stupid people too.”

Dave has it all here.

The video interview is here starting at 1.08.30. Watch him squirm.

But he can help on social and economic matters. Laden you with debt and be as good socially as a leper.

Anyone still defending this looney tunes?

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  1. Wyn Grant #

    Another PR disaster. And club cronies tell us to calm down.

    December 19, 2016
  2. T.A #

    C.A., not much surprises me now from the owner or whatever he says, but, one sentence within his rant irked me so much, and that was the mocking of Powell, this part quote: ” They started it when I let that famous trainer go – the one who was only getting a point per match”, that to me is pure venom, I truely hope now that Card will step up the pressure on him, the man is evil.

    December 19, 2016
    • Agreed T.A.

      His ire directed at Powell in this and other interviews is beyond comprehension. He really is a manipulative loose cannon, who simply shows no restraint. How he has earned one euro from business is beyond me.

      December 19, 2016
  3. Bob Miller #

    Infuriating and outrageous! As you say CA, how can a total arsehole like that do so well??? The Valley Doll must be beside herself with embarrassment. How she hangs in is also beyond me.

    December 19, 2016
  4. Chris #

    Excuse me Roland WHAT experience do you and your ‘scouts’ have managing a team, playing for England, being highly respected by the football world and having the skills to be diplomatic and also taking time to visit sick children in hospital on Christmas day ?
    Ok you may have money but your sadly lacking in manners, knowledge and the sooner you go the better and take your Valley Doll with you.

    December 20, 2016
  5. Chris #

    Ok CARD………Valley Dolls on the pitch next !!!!!!

    December 20, 2016
  6. Steve #

    I think most Charlton fans are in agreement on one thing and that is they want rid of this guy ASAP (subject to who replaces him of course) – what you shouldn’t do is confuse objections to in-stadium activity (which in all likelihood does nothing but pump up the opposition) to support of the owner – the two are not mutually exclusive in my view.
    On the subject of CP, his comments are wide-of-the-mark but I also don’t understand our obsession with the guy. Don’t get me wrong, loved him as a player and not endorsing Fraeye et al but I just don’t think he’s cut out for management – too nice a guy with insufficient professional boundaries with the players (swinging on goal posts after an FA Cup 5th round win being one example). With the investment at hand and quality of players at their disposal, I think my Mum could’ve managed that team to the div1 title that season to be honest. You also only have to look at how Huddersfield are going now. That said though, by no means stupid.
    Merry Christmas anyway and let’s hope the next 12 months bring good fortunes staring with tomorrow night in Bermondsey which would bring good cheer to even the most ardent of half glass empty Addicks.

    December 20, 2016
    • richard #

      I don’t agree with you Steve about Chris Powell. I respected CP enormously as a player and the industry respected him hugely too. Your mother may have been able to coach at League One standard (although i do doubt it) but i think Powell’s real skill was in identifying the right players to come to charlton. We are a quirky little club. Rarely do have true superstars but we do need players that give a shit. Chris Powell understood that. And i love the way he swung on the cross bar after that FA Cup tie.

      I think you just don’t quite understand…hmmm I wonder how come that might be?

      All i want for Christmas is for Roland to sell up, leave us alone and to never darken our door again.

      December 21, 2016

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