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Doctor, Doctor

Yep, the jokes keep coming. The London Standard have confirmed earlier whispers that Katrien Meire has pursued ex-Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro and will offer her a job working with the Addicks medical team once her legal dispute with Jose Mourinho has run it’s course all over the back pages. 

I’m glad Katrien has got her priorities right and we can still find room in the budget. Next I hear she is having all the flushes replaced on The Valley toilets to those eco-friendly dual flush ones….

Back in Belgium Duchatelet is under a little scrutiny due to the transfer of Tony Watt to us in January. The issue being that Duchatelet’s Standard paid Celtic €1.5m for him and then a few months later he was given to Duchatelet’s Charlton for free. Standard’s new owner is now trying to understand the hole in his bank account. “One of many skeleton’s in the closet cases” according the SL’s new owner Bruno Venanzi. The fraud prosecutors are on the case. 

Tomorrow the players are back on the pitch looking for their first win since August. Diego Poyet and Simon Church will line up against us for MK Dons. What could go wrong?

Johnnie Jackson issued another rallying cry today. It is what leaders do. That reminds me, nothing yet from Ms Meire.

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  1. It keeps rolling on and on . The team looks like it’s given up before they have started. Church and co will be up for tonight !!!

    November 3, 2015

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