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Bob’s first 6 months

In these days of Alan Pardew 8-year contracts it is refreshing to see head coaches and managers except the harsh reality that if they are a total failure there is no lump sum pay-off. When Bob Peeters signed a one-year contract with Charlton in the summer he said he was happy with the offer and it allowed both parties to mutually see how the relationship worked out.

The upside for Charlton is that the club can budget accordingly and I would expect Roland Duchâtelet gave his new employee some strict but achievable goals. Not for a minute do I believe that Duchâtelet said to Peeters ‘promotion or you’re out.’ I would think it was more likely along the lines of ‘safety, progress and player development.’

Peeters, who celebrates 6 months in charge of Charlton tomorrow and is already the 48th longest serving manager in the English leagues, has impressed the majority of us Addicks so far, including me.

Peeters is obviously a young coach still learning, but he has ideas, a passion and a belief about how the game should be played. He has changed radically the style of our play, yet without compromising the good old Charlton spirit, and introduced us to some very good new players as well as bringing on another sprinkling of exciting youngsters.

The team, the squad has it’s deficiencies, but Peeters is working with a small number of players and has to deliver results in set parameters and a small squad is obviously one of those. Financially the owner has strong ideas on what should be spent on players, wages, fees and agents. Yet, if the right player becomes available and Duchâtelet sees it as an investment rather than sacrificing money on a player with no obvious return, then he has shown that he will put the money up. Vetokele, Gudmundsson and substantial offers for Max Gradel and Andy Delort back this model up.

Of course Duchâtelet, Meire and importantly the supporters need to judge Bob Peeters over an entire season. For Peeters, and Duchâtelet a hand shake was probably enough and I would expect a contract extension will be available if he meets his objectives. If not, the owner may still find uses for him elsewhere, and meanwhile the close connectivity of English football and Peeters grasp of it, will promote him in boardroom’s around the country.

Today Peeters was asked about his future by Rich Cawley of the SLP and said “if there is a possibility, and they ask me to extend, then I will extend.”

“I’m having the time of my life here. They appreciate our work – not only here at Charlton but also when we go to other games. For me, that’s important.”

He also said rather perspicaciously that “we’ve made big progress from last season and need to continue that. I’m very ambitious. If everyone at Charlton, especially the chairman, is as ambitious as we are then there is no reason we shouldn’t continue.”

Keep up the good work Bob, and I look forward to watching the boys on Saturday as I fly home for the weekend. Anything to avoid watching them on the telly!

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  1. Glyn #

    Nice piece – I’m sure a blogger who uses the word perspicaciously won’t mind me pointing out “it’s deficiencies” (its) and “except the harsh reality” (accept)

    November 26, 2014
  2. SLC Addick #

    I know you have said this before but what a gentleman too. It’s so refreshing to combine competence, passion and class. And what a contrast with Pardew. I feel sorry for the Newcastle supporters who have to put up with him having been a student there and a regular “fish out of water” at St James. Have a good Thanksgiving with your family.

    November 27, 2014

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