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What the papers say

Today both Chris Powell and Michael Slater took to the media to tell their stories. Slater turned again to his pet, the South London Press and like his partner, Tony Jimenez, Michael decided now was a good time to write his own fairytale chronicle of their time at The Valley.

“People may complain about the management style and the staff overhaul. But sometimes, tough decisions have to be made. There is no getting away from it – there is a real need to drag the club, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century.”

He wouldn’t remember of course what happened at the turn of the century because Slater was busily watching Manchester City brushed aside by a tatty old Charlton as we lifted the Division One trophy aloft.

So much of Toby Porter’s interview is such codswallop and poor Matt Wright is still choking on his Rice Krispies. Peter Varney, “not one to exaggerate,” must also have spent the majority of the day picking his jaw up off the floor.

Less predictable was Chris Powell talking to the BBC. I don’t think he can be accused of saying anything too controversial but he did offer up his vulnerability and also outstretched a hand to Roland Duchâtelet. Powell is pretty media-savvy and is not naive when it comes to the press and throw away quotes.

Duchâtelet may not appreciate Powell talking so openly and has had a history of belittling the roles of a manager, but frankly what has Powell got to lose? He has the backing of the fans, the players and Richard Murray.

Time is of an essence, and Powell has a job to do. Chris will continue to give everything, and more, to the club, but he will not be made a fool off and it is obvious that since Duchâtelet bought the club two weeks ago Powell is still waiting for his playbook.

What was interesting was that CP said “We have a number of people here that have worked with him in Belgium that will be working with the club.” More than just Katrien then.

Accompanying the article was another Belgium journalist making Addicks’ fans hugely apprehensive of what lies ahead. Don’t read that sidebar if you are of a nervous disposition.

Meanwhile Chris Powell and his players travelled to Middlesbrough today complete with Astrid Ajdarevic and Yohann Thuram-Ulien in the squad. Tomorrow Standard Liege play their first game after the Belgian winter break. They entertain KV Oostende at home.

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  1. CPRR #

    Good, well balanced article. That hits the nail squarely on the head regarding current goings on.. CPRR (Colin Powell’s Rusty Roller)

    January 18, 2014
  2. Pat #

    We will have to wait and see won’t we? I don’t trust the media who always have their own agenda. Is there anything about the managers at his other clubs and how they get on with his style? I know he upset the SL fans when he arrived, but there don’t seem to be that many complaints now.

    January 18, 2014
    • Well Pat, he is on his 4th in less than 3 years at Standard. The current manager Guy Luzon Duchatelet had courted for a while before appointing him in May.

      January 18, 2014

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