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Paul Elliott to rejoin?

An interesting scoop if true by the Daily Mirror announcing that Paul Elliott is set to return to The Valley as it’s next chairman with Michael Slater taking a “more hands off role.”

Michael Slater I would have said will have no role soon enough at The Valley once Tony Jimenez finds new investment to replace that of Kevin Cash’s. Slater will be free then to be Cash’s front man someone else, get proper value out of his Manchester City season-ticket and pursue his complaint against Spanish police.

Paul Elliott was one of my favourite players growing up and would be a fascinating choice to head up the club. In a way perhaps that Niall Quinn steadied the ship at the Stadium of Light, Elliott would be an articulate and well connected front man who still has a passion for the Addicks. Nonetheless like Quinn, the former centre-half is hardly penniless, but by himself he would not have the financial clout to significantly invest in the club.

The spotlight then once again turns to Tony Jimenez, a man who likes to work behind the scenes, and avoids media attention. Jimenez has been busy enticing new investment and some say that he close to being successful. If Elliott is to become chairman, then one would assume that any new investor(s) would be in the Cash role and not someone who wants to take over the day to day running of the club.

Of course an Elliott appointment would appease fans concerned at who actually pays the bills, and I suspect Chris Powell will be happy to report to a football person. Mind you it could all be some glorious publicity stunt, but then again Elliott has always come across as too intelligent to be sucked in plus he hardly needs the work.

The boardroom is looking a bit light at the moment with no CEO, which has me kind of worried as to who is driving the bus, a part-time Martin Prothero, Richard Murray and a further and further in the background Michael Slater.

Writing about Paul Elliot got me thinking of Jonjo Shelvey, who I thought made an excellent 2nd half debut for England. His deep-lying probing and range of short and long range passing coincided with England finally breaking the back of stubborn but limited opposition.

The connection with Paul Elliott is the bloody annoyingly ridiculous transfer fee we got for both players. Both were sold at a time when Charlton were trying to make ends meet, but it makes my head spin when I consider Liverpool paid £20m for Jordan Henderson, £35m for Andy Carroll, £6.75m for Charlie Adam and £20m for Stewart Downing. Shelvey went for £1.7m plus add-ons that by all accounts we have already had. When have we ever got good value from one of our young starlets? I’ll give you Darren Bent, who else?

Paul Marcellous Elliott (Love that!) was sold from memory to Luton Town for £150,000!

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