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Five star

Peterborough United 1 Charlton Athletic 5
Yesterday I spent the duration of the game sat poolside in the autumn sun sipping on a rum swizzle catching up with an old friend from Chicago. Across the glistening and heated pool was Castle Harbour and lush rolling hills and palm trees.

It’s easy to take Bermuda’s beauty for granted, and I often do, and it’s not very often that I wish I was in Peterborough instead but believe me I would have given anything yesterday to swap my lazy afternoon for standing behind the goal at London Road to witness with my own eyes what 1,358 other Addicks did, everyone of whom will justifiably be talking about this day for a long, long time.

Yesterday’s was truly a superb result for the Addicks, putting on a devastating display of counter-attacking football in the first half. Despite the (hopefully not too long) losses of Waggy and Anyinsah to injury, which caused an enforced formation change, Martin and McCormack didn’t disrupt the flow at all and in fact only added to the Posh devastation.

I have been a fan of Lee Martin’s from what I have seen of games. He works tirelessly for the team and according to reports he was unplayable at times yesterday and two goals is a huge confidence booster.

Equally, by the sounds of it Dailly and Doherty were rocks at centre-half and Therry Racon is finally uniting the fans as to his potential.

We are a funny lot though. I was sneaking regular looks at Twitter whilst I was talking to my friend at the pool and when Peterborough scored to make it 4-1 a collective heart beat was missed amongst the Addickted. Someone wrote after Martin got the 5th: “Thank God, I thought we were going to throw it away!” You have to laugh, but I have to say those thoughts did cross my mind too. Been a fan too long.

Well done Parky, well done lads and good on you to those that went to London Road.

Addicks whooping it up in Peterborough: And Nothing Else Matters; Addicks Diary; Doctor Kish;
CA fact: We last scored 5 away at Grimsby in 1999. I was at Portman Road when Carl Leaburn scored a hat-trick in our last 5-1 away victory. And yes I still talk about that day 15 years on!

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  1. Ken #

    “When Peterborough scored to make it 4-1 a collective heart beat was missed amongst the Addickted.”
    SO TRUE, CA. I was following on ESPN’s ‘gamecast’ text thing and went ‘Oh Christ – here we go’ Then #5 and it’s open the bar early!
    I get to watch the next two games at the Valley and despite all the years and all the tears, I still feel like Christmas has come early.

    November 15, 2010
  2. Hungry Ted #

    I groaned a little when I saw that they’d scored and my first thought was ‘here we go again’. Top result.

    November 15, 2010
  3. Wyn Grant #

    An indignant Ipswich fan chased me across the car park after that win.

    November 15, 2010
  4. lee #

    come on you reds, so proud of this run! wish we could give the seagulls another go asap.

    November 15, 2010
  5. Pat #

    Well that teaches me good and proper. Let’s hope they continue to teach me a lesson in keeping the faith tomorrow.

    November 15, 2010

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