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Congratulations to Brighton

Huge heartfelt congratulations to Brighton and my mates who have followed them through their peaks and many, many troughs. 20 years ago Brighton were homeless thanks to the ineptitude and irresponsibility of a club chairman who shamelessly sold their historic Goldstone Ground from under them. They subsequently played 70 miles away at Gillingham’s ground for two years before spending 12 seasons at the Withdean athletics stadium, with portable cabins for changing rooms.

But today at their wonderful Falmer stadium, a legacy to the generous and patient Tony Bloom, the Seagulls returned to the countries top division 34 years after they were last there, and in that time only Steve Gritt and a last-day draw at Hereford stopped them from sinking into the non league, and potentially the abyss.

Brighton have long been ready for the Premier League and they are a proper club, with proper fans and the long friendship with Charlton supporters runs very deep.

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Pretty hacked off with last night to be honest and I didn’t even have to suffer through it. I was tied up in client meetings the whole day, so I dipped in and out of Twitter and was really lifted to see us take an early lead. What happened afterwards sounded pretty shambolic.

For the most part Powell is being given the time that the new owners had wished for. Parky would have been lynched from the west stand by now.

There is no disguising that we are in a mess, things haven’t improved even with BWP’s five goals in seven games and the only other chink of light has been the introduction of Carl Jenkinson. The rest have been pony.
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Sweet music

Carlisle United 3 Charlton Athletic 4
Christ on a bike. What did we make of that?

My other half was poorly yesterday, so I stepped in taking the little ‘un to Music Together class. Sniffly-other-half shooed me out of the door at just after kick-off observing that she was doing me a favour after “how miserable you were last week!”

Adam from Charlton Life joined me at the music class. If you’re wondering we did have our kids with us too, we weren’t that desperate to be away from the commentary.

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What is Richard Murray thinking?

Richard Murray probably doesn’t attend every game but one would think he might make the long trip up to Brunton Park tomorrow, home to many great Addick memories but potentially a graveyard for Phil Parkinson.

The future direction of the club is now Murray’s sole responsibility. Personally I felt the club suffered from having too many directors and divergent opinions previously. That is no longer the case, and in many circles it is acknowledged that Alan Pardew would have gone earlier if he hadn’t cleverly worked the copious amount of decision makers at the club. 

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