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Sweet music

Carlisle United 3 Charlton Athletic 4
Christ on a bike. What did we make of that?

My other half was poorly yesterday, so I stepped in taking the little ‘un to Music Together class. Sniffly-other-half shooed me out of the door at just after kick-off observing that she was doing me a favour after “how miserable you were last week!”

Adam from Charlton Life joined me at the music class. If you’re wondering we did have our kids with us too, we weren’t that desperate to be away from the commentary.

Midway through “I had a little frog, his name was Tiny Tim,” it suddenly occurred to me that I had my Blackberry in my pocket. Twitter told me we were two-up. I heartily joined in with the frog song. “I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim….” Charlton are back, woo-ooh!

Second half, another sneak look at the growing number of Addicks on Twitter. 3-0, Benson. What could go wrong?

The clock on the school room wasn’t moving around quick enough. We were banging on the bongo’s, people were distracted, Adam with his iPhone in his hand gave me an odd look. I checked Twitter. 3-2. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck,” I sang along under my breath.

At that point it was bloody obvious to every single person who had ever watched a Charlton Athletic game what was going to happen next. Sure enough, hand in pocket, check Twitter, 3-3. Half of me was pleased that the axial tilt of the earth hadn’t fallen over.

Twitter was going into meltdown at that point as Addicks everywhere threw their hands up in despair.  

I then told myself to concentrate on Music Together and my little ‘un’s beaming smile as Adam’s little boy walked around the room with an abandonment of someone who has just realised he can.

The end of music class coincides with injury time, at least that is how I compare it. I pulled the Blackberry out knowing that my imaginary bet of my life savings on a defeat was safe.

4-3 Benson. Fuck a duck, what an incredible game. Only Charlton could do that to their supporters. Brunton Park, the home of so many Addick memories had given 300 wonderful fans 94 minutes more.

An amazing victory, one right out of a 1970’s vintage. Carlisle had only conceded twice at home before Saturday’s game and no one (including me) gave us any chance of victory. Throwing away a 3-goal lead, and that is the second time we have done it this season is inexcusable at any level, but one should consider the game as a whole and some of the positives that came out of it.

Scoring 4 goals away from home after being on the end of it a week before shows some real character. Paul Benson has now got five in five. Iberian Addick recently wrote that it was almost a 60 game gap that a Charlton player scored two goals in a league game from open play. Benson has now done it twice in three games.

Joe Anyinsah sounded like he was a real threat all game and the whole of Brunton Park clapped him off after he was substituted. Signs perhaps that Parky can pick a player.

Parky took a gamble on starting Waggy again in my opinion, but he was rewarded with a wonderful display of wing-play and his much mentioned fitness really showed in the last 10 minutes.

Parky has not become a hero overnight, there is plenty of work to be done and I could dwell on the 9 goals conceded in 3 games to begin with. But I won’t because it will take away from the wonderful memories of those Addicks that were at Brunton Park yesterday, Richard Murray included.

Addicks making new memories at Brunton Park: Doctor Kish; Charlton Life;
CA fact: 44 goals have been scored in the last 10 Carlisle v Charlton league games!

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  1. Nigel Reddick #

    That made me laugh out loud CA – a bit out of place in our redundancy hit organisation.

    I was heading our the door when my son came running out with news of our fourth gaol. Not sure what the neighbours made of our Deon burton victory dance on the front lawn..

    Pembury Addick

    October 25, 2010

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