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Sarr next out of door

I’ve just finished watching the France v Switzerland game, where a burst ball and torn shirts was the highlight of the proceedings, but if Charlton fans needed a spark to encourage a sweet dream tonight I bring news that Naby Sarr have been sent out on a season-long loan to French Ligue 2 side Red Star Belgrade.

Next time Ms Meire bangs on about how much her mentor has invested in the club, think about that £1.4m wisely spent.

In other devastating news assistant coach Wim de Corte has also left the club. How we will cope without interim Wim I dread to think. Anyway Russell Slade looks to already be putting his mark on things.
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Chris Wilder

Farewell Jose, see you around some time. Possibly after Chris Wilder sticks two fingers up at Roland Duchatelet due to team interference and replacement Nebojsa Vignjevic takes us dangerously close to the bottom four of League One. I’ll put you down for March 2017 Jose.

I know, I’m in that kind of mood.
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Next off the Merry-go-round

Jose Jeunechamps has left the club about a month after he joined. Riga pushed the addition of Jeunechamps, who has little command of English, onto Duchatelet to be his Assistant First Team Coach but he has now departed back to Belgum to join 2nd Division RFC Seraing. Karel Fraeye is at fellow 2nd Division side Lommel. The Charlton Athletic book of “Who” will be a much sought after Christmas present in years to come.
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Comedy gold

Unlike Karel Fraeye, who took little persuading to take the Interim job at Charlton following the departure of Guy Luzon, mostly because old Karel had his head up Roland’s backside at the time, it appears that Nebojša Vignjević was less than happy with Roly’s suggestion that he should leave 2nd placed Ujpest of the Hungarian League and take charge of the laughing stock that is Charlton Athletic.

A backward career step he presumed added to the fact that he would be forced to work with Katrien Meire, so Vignjević said “ne” and who can blame him.

Jose Riga was ahead of Vignjević in the new old coach queue but apparently made too many demands.
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Enough is enough

I don’t know whether to laugh of cry. Mind you, I can’t imagine what it must be like working in the media department at the club. Poor sods.

“Interim Head Coach.” In capitals. So Fraeye has given up a full time job at homely VW Hamme to take up an interim position? As has Wim De Corte. Then again it is like giving up a full time paper round to take up a makeshift role in the city at an investment bank. You wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth would you?
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