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Travelogue – Whistler, British Colombia

Named for the marmots that roam the area and whistle like a deflating balloon Whistler is the largest ski resort in North America and is only a 90 minute drive from Vancouver with the ocean accompanying you almost the entire way.

Originating in the late 1970’s and Winter Olympics host city in 2010, Whistler alongside sister mountain Blackcomb are two imposing peaks joined by an artsy and busy village at ground level.

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After B.C.

British Columbia is 350,000 square mile province that has a 16,000 mile coastline. BC has always intrigued me since I first visited Vancouver in 2011, and this trip has furthered my fascination even though we only tiptoed through Vancouver and spent the majority of the week in the mountains.

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O Canada

Leaving for Canada 🇨🇦 tomorrow for 10 days out to British Colombia initially to get in some late season snow, and then back east to Toronto for a few days next week leading into returning home for Easter.

I have been to a few places in Canada, but mostly with work or at least for work reasons. I have spent time in both Vancouver, and Toronto a couple of times, but never to Whistler, a scintillating 75-mile drive north of Vancouver I am reliably told.

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Travelogue: Vancouver

I know my Canadian readers have been waiting for this! I was in Vancouver last May and it has taken me until now to finish my Travelogue post of this radiant city.

At just 125 years old Vancouver is a baby. Naturally Aboriginal’s trawled this part of the north-western coastline 8,000 years ago breathing in the fresh air, but it wasn’t until the Fraser Gold Rush in 1858 that folk showed any interest in the area when 25,000 men showed up with spades and swag bags. A few stayed and set up home and began Vancouver’s long history of logging. One man in particular called ‘Gassy’ Jack Deighton established a ramshackle tavern around the inner harbour of Burrard.
A steamship operator from Hull, Gassy Jack was quite a character and loved by the locals the area around his boozer was quickly named Gastown, as it is still today.
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New baby

I’m sat in the lounge at Vancouver airport with my new baby. A sparkly white iPad2. I dont think I’ve been this excited since, well my last baby! My flight isn’t until 11.15pm and I’m making the most of my last glimpses of Vancouver before the night creeps in outside.

Inside grey-haired men in suits cheer the cities ice hockey team, The Canucks onto victory. There were stories of long delays at security following Bin Laden’s killing earlier in the week but the airport is just as dead.
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Tomorrow I am off to British Columbia, Canada’s western most province and it’s largest city Vancouver. Although I am still hoping to be a tourist, my schedule has been engulfed with work meetings. I am there with work, so there isn’t much I can complain about there.
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