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After B.C.

British Columbia is 350,000 square mile province that has a 16,000 mile coastline. BC has always intrigued me since I first visited Vancouver in 2011, and this trip has furthered my fascination even though we only tiptoed through Vancouver and spent the majority of the week in the mountains.

Vancouver is an ethnically diverse Pacific Rim city with a unique mix of European, Asian, and First Nations influence with a favourable approach to immigration mirroring the rest of the country, and while Vancouver is a culturally cosmopolitan city with some of the best restaurants, north of here are ancient rain forests, untamed wilderness, and First Nations peoples who have lived on the land for more than 10,000 years.

We are crossing the country now to spend a couple of days 2,717 miles away in Toronto, but I will miss Vancouver and British Colombia.

Whistler was beautiful, and we were fortunate to witness bright sunshine illuminating the alpine mountains and then later in the week inches of fresh snow dropping the temperature and refreshing the stunning mountains.

Our daughter was delighted to see the snowfall, but the fresh powder did bring the crowds out over the weekend, before that it was pretty quiet although I don’t think I have seen or heard as many Brits in one place for some while, even in Bexley Village!

Brexit appears to have pushed a lot of young British kids away from Europe to Canada to find work, where a 2-year visa is pretty easy to come by with no questions asked.

Good for them, British Columbia is a great place to experience, and one day I’d like to go back.

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  1. JOHN F GOSS #

    Yes did similar fly drive Vancouver wk/nd Vancouver island 4 days inside passage by boat to Prince Rupert, through the Rockies ending Calgary stopping of at sightseeing Prince George, Mt Robson, McBride, Jasper, lake Louise. Banff then Calgary. 17 days in a word spectacular.

    April 5, 2023

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