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Inniss, Morgan, Clare to leave

Charlton have announced their retained list for the next season.

The club have started negotiations with new contract offers to Michael Hector, Aaron Henry and Terell Thomas.

Ryan Inniss, Albie Morgan, Sean Clare, Alex Gilbey, Macauley Bonne and Nathan Harness will all leave after the expiration of their contracts.

With the leaving and returning loan players that leaves a first team squad of 19 players with a very youthful look.

I’d imagine Holden would seek a loan move for Aaron Henry as recent performances show he is still developing. Nonetheless there were rumours that Henry would take the option to start afresh somewhere else. Hector and Thomas add experience to the fledgling squad, and I am pleased to see more of Hector, but the retention of Thomas is a surprise.

Shame about Sean Clare, who was one of the few positive characters around the place, but he suffered due to never playing in his rightful position, which has been for so long that most now don’t even know where that it.

Inniss played more games last season than at anytime in his career, but the no-nonsense defender played his role in a leaky and often reckless back four. Add that to an appalling disciplinary record and it was time to move on.

Likewise Albie Morgan. The 23-year will do better to seek a new place to play his football after spending more than a decade in SE7, and he moves with my best.

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  1. rierti #

    Some surprises in the retained lists and new contract offers for the first team and U21 squads. Thomas is worth a new contract if being considered for the left back position, I thought he was doing well there until Inniss’s suspension meant that he had to revert to central defence. I can’t help thinking that cost cutting is partly involved in the case of Clare as he is better than Egbo who has a ongoing contract, similar with Morgan, as Kirk and McGrandles and Payne are still under contract but are not an improvement in my opinion. I have heard the same as you regarding Henry, who is not as good as he thinks he is. Kedwell step up!
    The U21 situation is baffling as Viggars and Roddy have been offered contract extensions, WHY???. Whilst O’Connor and Oguntayo have been released.
    I hope the bulk of the second year U18s are offered U21 contracts as they were superb last night. Also first year Laqeraterbua deserves special mention as he has been injured for the bulk of the season and only returned to action recently. If he can regain full fitness he will be an outstanding player.

    May 13, 2023
    • Glass half empty #

      I think Holden had got that right ..
      Inniss is a liability… too slow and not dominant enough … probably a league 2 .
      Clare – has been caught ball watching and defensively is poor.. although accept not his natural position. Egbo is a better player defender instincts …
      Morgan/ well yeah .. had plenty of chances… hope he does well somewhere else… was found wanting in too many games.. when the level stepped up against the better sides .

      May 13, 2023
      • Morgan started all of the final 12 matches. Holden gave him a good run to prove himself.

        May 14, 2023
        • Chris #

          Hi CA
          I think Albie will develop into another Cullen or Gallagher
          In time…..just needs to develop more and with good coaching it’s possible.

          May 14, 2023
          • rierti #

            We will see with Egbo, when I watched him in last year’s play offs for Swindon against Port Vale the attacking side of his was significantly better than his defensive skills. I think he is very moderate and will be overtaken by players like Asiimwe. Ness Elerewe, and Mitchell are also candidates if not used as central defenders. A lot will depend on the defensive system we use i.e a back four or three with two wingbacks.

            May 15, 2023
  2. Daggs #

    Well that’s the ‘outs’ sorted (mostly). Who comes in to replace them and when, could be err! ‘interesting’

    May 14, 2023
  3. Surprised about Clare as I thought generally he did well over the season. Not surprised about Morgan, he needed to move to get a chance of playing regularly. He has been a loyal player for the club and we have to thank him for that, but he lacked consistency.
    As for Inniss, good riddance, the man was a liability.
    Now we wait and see what the next several weeks produce in terms of ownership, investment and recruitment.
    Lets all keep our fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

    May 14, 2023
  4. Chris #

    Pity that both Albie and Sean are departing as both have demonstrated great ability and I want to personally thank them both for everything they have done for us and I hope they continue to develop and progress in their new clubs.
    Inness I thought would leave…if he can control his enthusiasm at times he has sound skills.
    I hope that Dean can find replacements with more experience who can move the squad on…..come on Alfie sign that contract ASAP!!!!

    May 14, 2023
  5. Wayne R #

    Despite the 5 Loan players who have returned to their clubs and the 6 who have now been released we are still left with too much ‘dead wood’ i.e. : Aneke, McGrandles, Lavelle, Kirk and Jayiesimi. Right at this moment we look very weak so it will indeed be interesting to see which players come in. The rumour that we are after Alfie May excited me because he is a player I would have brought in 2 years ago. A proven striker at this level he would be a marquee signing. But with all that has happened over the last 2 years I would be amazed if he joined us….it would be too good to be true.

    May 14, 2023
  6. Any time Richard. Your comments are appreciated.

    May 14, 2023
  7. Shadow Play #

    Ryan Inniss – five yellows, two further matches where he picked up two yellows and two straight reds (ok, one was rescinded). It was reported that he was left out of the Cheltenham Town game as a further red would see a six match suspension. This was his best season in terms of games played and he had no long injury lay-offs, but we made too many defensive errors that resulted in goals conceded and points dropped and he contributed too many of those.

    Sean Clare – signed as a midfielder he played his best football as a makeshift right-sided centre back and was a solid enough right-back without ever looking a natural. He can’t get into our midfield and we have Mandela Egbo who can play the wing-half role with Nathan Asiimwe coming through.

    Albie Morgan – a good passer (the best in the club) who on his day could pick out a player in the box but he needs to have those good games far more frequently. We have a DM and a number 8 in our midfield, what we need is a box to box midfielder who can create, tackle back and score goals. Albie hinted at doing these things but not often enough. With Morgan, Dobson and Fraser in the centre we didn’t looking imposing enough.

    All in all Dean Holden is stamping his authority on the team, we need to be ruthless from here.

    I hope Hector stays, he and Lucas Ness make a good partnership and while Terell Thomas looks a bit lucky to be offered a new contract he does offer good depth and covered well at lefty-back. We also have Deji Elerewe and Zach Mitchell coming through although I presume the latter will go out on loan. Aaron Henry I hope will sign but needs a season out on loan. He’s a long way from being in contention for the match day squad.

    May 15, 2023

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