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Derby County 2 Charlton Athletic 0

That’s twice in as many weeks where we have been well and truly outplayed by a team challenging for promotion firmly putting us in our place in this division.

It reminded me a bit of a Ben Garner performance today. We had a lot of futile possession, overplayed when a simple pass would do, had no bite in attack, and made so many unenforced errors.

Derby also looked like they were in second gear, but thwarted our wide men comfortably, and therefore our threats, although I have to say CBT had a terrible game. Nonetheless Derby were sharper, smarter and better all over the pitch.

Our passing was woeful. No one did it well, maybe only Ness, and we looked sluggish in all areas of the pitch.

Ness was probably our best player, but it wasn’t hard. To give Hector credit he did manage to play the whole game, but was culpable for both goals, and I’m sure others were crying our for him to just hoof it at times, other than think he was the second coming of Jorge Costa.

All the others were poor, although Bonne was again irrelevant. I really don’t know what he has brought to the team.

Derby had to go through a complete rebuild in the summer, and didn’t spend a penny on fees. Just shows what can be done when not just a fan, but someone with a plan and ambition buys a club and it’s stadium

Dean Holden: “There were far too many unforced errors in our play today. To come here and get anything we needed to be better in every department.”

Stats (CAFC first): Possession – 57% / 43%; Passes – 411 / 304; Accurate passes – 305 / 208; Shots (on target) – 8 (2) / 20 (8).

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  1. Shetland Addick #

    Any good team is built around a solid defence & it’s frightening how bad ours is. Ness is good but really still a prospect, he shouldn’t have all the responsibility at this stage. Our fullbacks are woeful and will rarely stop the crosses coming in, especially Clare who never has been & never will be a defender, & if the opposition aren’t crossing they’re cutting inside at will. You say we’ve been shown up by top teams in the division but in truth we’re not capable of looking comfortable against any teams, from the top right to the very bottom, or even below (Stockport?). Without investment forthcoming, a new CEO in place who has an appalling track record & a whole raft of spivs looking to take us over & make a fast buck, plus the rat owning all the assets & asking a totally unrealistic price for them, it’s difficult to see where any relief from our misery is coming from – if Varney has anything up his sleeve I suggest now is the time.

    February 19, 2023
    • Varney really does need to poop or get of the potty doesn’t he?

      February 19, 2023
  2. Chris #

    The result just confirms that the target is stay in league 1…we lack consistency in performances and the mess we are in must affect the team and manager.
    I really fear the worst as the club once again is plunged into chaos…the appointment of Storrie is a mystery as he has the worst track record of success in any past roles he had.
    I bet Peter Varney is so wound up and annoyed to see what is happening to a club that was held in high esteem not long ago.
    We have been battered by con merchants who only want to fleece the club and have demonstrated disdain for staff and fans.

    February 19, 2023
    • I understand why Varney is keeping Schtum, but some sort of communique telling fans of his ambitions, whether negative or positive would be helpful at this stage.

      February 19, 2023
      • Chris #

        Have to agree CA…Varney needs to let fans know if if his involvement is still relevant.

        February 19, 2023
  3. houndal #

    The game first – only 2 words – woeful and abysmal.
    No passion, no fight, no midfield, no attack.
    Derby are not great, but didn’t have to get out of 2nd gear to stroll to a win.
    The players look like they are on the beach.
    Chef Wendy will have a right old feast next Saturday.

    Second – there is no takeover, just Sandgaard seeking investment.
    His insistence for retaining 20% in any takeover scuppered the Methven deal (who at least had mega money behind him) and will scupper any other takeover. Having seen how he acts, no one would put up with it.
    His ego won’t allow him to cut and run.

    Sadly, I fear administration might be our only way out once Sandgaard stops paying the bills.

    February 19, 2023
    • Chris #

      Might be the time for CAST and loyal fans to demonstrate peacefully that we are not going to be treated like mugs again ?
      So many clubs are and have been in similar situations dealing with incompetent owner’s who fleece and milk the club till it goes into administration.
      I’m not by nature a protesting person but Charlton mean to much to me for over 50 years but I feel the time is now for fans to make known publically their anger.

      February 19, 2023
      • Agree Chris. I do wonder how much fight staunch Addicks have left though..

        February 19, 2023
        • Chris #

          If loyal fans know that administration is looming I’m confident that most if not all will be willing to take appropriate action…at least it will show TS and media how much the club means to fans and indeed the area.

          February 19, 2023
          • Agree with that. We’ve proved we should never be underestimated.

            February 19, 2023
    • That is nail on head re TS. He does not want to sell. His ego added to the fact he doesn’t want to miss out on any future windfall means he still wants to be part of any future ownership make-up. That reduces the number of options and the quality & reputation of potential buyers.

      February 19, 2023
  4. houndal #

    CA, Varney et al will not get involved as he/they want 100% but TS won’t sell 100%, as clear by the Methven collapse.
    There will be no takeover, merely investment.
    TS will retain a share.
    Given he will not invest a penny himself, the best we can hope for is some numpty with more money than sense to front up.
    This will rumble on, even though TS has allegedly given 4 weeks to get it sorted.
    And of course there is the old Douchebag holding all the aces with the £50 deal for the land Southall agreed (and TS inherited)
    Oh dear…

    February 20, 2023

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