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My Top Five 2022 Favourite TV Shows

🔝5️⃣ I forgot to throw my last couple of these out there. I have two more 2022 Top Five’s to share, and this one is TV Shows. I do love to get lost in a good TV drama, and there were plenty to choose from last year.

After much deliberation these were my Top Five 2022 Favourite TV Shows 📺

1️⃣ Top Boy 1, 2 and Summerhouse

I could not tear myself away from Top Boy and the prequel Summerhouse. Bitterly real and bleak. The show is set in an east end housing estate focusing on a gang of drug dealers. Superb acting and storylines.

2️⃣ Slow Horses 1, 2

This had an air of an old fashioned spy thriller kind of. The casts off’s and general losers from MI5 are thrown together to solve mysteries. Great plots and exquisitely well written. Gary Oldman play a legendary part as Jackson Lamb.

3️⃣ Ozark 4

Not sure the final series hit the high notes of those before it, but undoubtedly Ozark remains one of the most intense and poignant television dramas of the past decade.

4️⃣ Better Call Saul 6

Ingenious show, and I hope that you also indulged yourselves in this cinematic and perfectly crafted drama.

5️⃣ Sherwood

I do love a good old British crime drama and this BBC one sparked many of my 1980’s memories growing up of the miners’ strike. Compelling, clever and super binge worthy.

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