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Charlton Athletic 0 Milton Keynes Dons 2

Charlton Athletic lowering expectations since 1905.

Classic Charlton that. Bottom of the table team show up at The Valley, hadn’t won for an age against an in-form Charlton and we fluff our lines.

So obvious unfortunately I think hastened by a poor team selection from Ben Garner. Sean Clare is pretty adaptable, but a left back he is not and we missed Sessegnon on that side.

MK Dons are certainly better than their league position suggests, but patently we need to learn how to break down teams that are just going to sit deep, and tippy tapping the ball around the defence winning all the possession stats is not it.

First half was poor and we should’ve been behind, but we started the 2nd half with much better purpose and were suddenly looking more lively in attack, but getting hit on the break was always going to be an issue, and so it proved.

I have stuck up for Ryan Inniss but he has become a liability, and in the tippy tippy mantra, even more so. He twice gave the ball away in dangerous positions before giving away the penalty, which did change the game.

The referees in this division are rubbish let’s be honest, but the linesmen, or whatever they are called, are pointless. One keeping up with play should certainly have seen that the initial point of contact was well outside of the area, and then was it even a foul?

Yet, why even make contact knowing the MK Dons player will go down and the linesman is huffing and puffing to get down the line 5 to 10 feet behind play? Just plain stupid.

Stupid, and no surprise whatsoever about summed up the night. Let’s move on.

Ben Garner: “It’s easy to complain at the decisions and that has changed the game but for me, we need to play better than what we did.”

Stats (CAFC first): Possession – 64% / 36%; Passes – 667 / 377; Accurate passes – 583 / 304; Shots (on target) – 7 (1) / 8 (6)

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  1. greg brown #

    Nothing positive to say about the game… was back 4 weeks in time….lots of possession, but going back or sideways and not forward, is not going to get you goals….and goals win games. Once again the absence of an industrious striker stood out like a sore thumb.
    The poor standard of officiating in this league was again present, but if you give the officials the chances to make the ‘wrong’ decision they will.
    Innis is a liability in defence, his passing, timing and decision making leave a lot to be desired and yet Garner defended him…..I personally would ship him out.
    It needs to be a better Charlton that runs out on Saturday, otherwise we will be on a hiding.

    October 26, 2022
  2. Wayne R #

    Well….what a dissappointment, but unfortunately no surprise. As I said last week CAFC so often screw it up at home to struggling sides.
    Clare at left back : just did not work. As a professional footballer you would think that he might just be prepared to use his weaker left foot, but he obviously believes he has not got a left foot. A proper left back is badly needed.
    Yes the penalty was outside the area but why is Inniss making that challenge anyway? Use your bloody brain please!!!
    After 3 straight wins we were given some hope but last night just put us straight back to where we were 3 weeks ago.
    We had 64% possession and I am sure BG would be pleased about that but if you are passing sideways in your own half it is very easy to build up the possession stats whilst posing absolutely NO threat to the opposition.
    Am I missing something? Isn’t football about scoring more goals than the opponent?
    Football is such a simple game (hence its popularity)…why do managers and coaches have to make it so damn complicated?
    We will surely put in a better showing against Ipswich because we just cannot be that bad again.
    BG said the first half was OK…excuse me !!! He must have very low standards.

    October 26, 2022
    • Agree Wayne. If that was “okay” then I’d hate to see “not okay.”

      October 26, 2022
  3. NA4Y #

    Great write up. My son has just shown me a Tik Tok complaining about EFL referees in general, its not just us. Also worth a read of Kevin Nolan’s valley view. We all watched the same game. MK had us worked out even down to letting Clare run up the left only to watch him turn round and pass it backwards with his right foot almost every time. Wonder if Stockley will leave at xmas? Just glad I decided to stream it even though it is half term so a late night was a possibility.

    October 26, 2022
  4. houndal #

    1 effort on target at home against the bottom ranked team (who had lost 5 in a row)
    Bring on Ipswich!!
    Or bring on Chuks!!

    October 26, 2022
  5. Chris #

    Outplayed, Out-thought and MKDs players demonstrated that their league position does not reflect the sprit and endeavour of their players.
    We could have lost the game in the first half and we need to thank Woolacourt for his saves.
    The Standard of the officials on the night was very poor…Inniss again lost his head and failed to remember he was on a yellow card already.
    It was not a pen as the offence happened a good way out of the penalty area !!!
    I really hope that we can get something on Saturday !

    October 26, 2022
  6. JOHN F GOSS #

    BG again explains how exceptional MK Dons are then puts out a team who have never been introduced to one another. completely agree with you’re comments attended the match as expected with Charlton the result was never in doubt from the Bassett of all sorts as a team. Clair completely in no man’s land didn’t know who to pass to or run. So an evening 5 yds forward 10 yds back a sham in the end the result was just deserved. Yes if you’re daughter is ever naughty a trip to the Valley as punishment.

    October 26, 2022
    • Chris #

      I felt so sorry for Sean Clare and it was clear that Garner made a big error playing him on the left !!!
      You just had to see Sean’s frustration at the end of the game….
      Put him on the right next game please as he is a class player.

      October 27, 2022
  7. Mike #

    Garner must be the only person watching that match who thought his team played well and the penalty and Inniss getting sent off cost us the game! As he said in his talk afterwards, if that hadn’t be given and Inniss hadn’t been sent off we would have gone onto win it! What a total load of drivel, we were dreadful, only one shot actually on target and with the Inniss and Egbo both giving the ball away trying to play out from the back we should have really have been two down before the penalty decision anyway, plus though the foul was outside the box, it was a definate yellow card as Inniss leaned and pushed the player in the back as he was caught out with his sloppy defending once again. Even Brown had implied, before that incident, that Inniss had already made his two normal complete cock ups, which he does every game and he needs to sort that out fast, otherwise be replaced.

    Garner needs to stop spouting this rubbish, about how good we are, how well we have played and how unlucky we are etc, as we have heard all that from previous managers and it infuriates the fans. Just come clean and tell us, the team were utter rubbish, mistakes made and we didnt deserve anything and I will be having strong words, as it’s not acceptable, at least the fans will respect him for being honest rather than all this bull…..

    Strange how he won’t really critise the team as a whole when they play dreadful and makse excuses, yet is quite happy to single out certain single players in public. Reminds me off a recent Manager who did the very same and paid the price both here and at his next appointment and is now currently without a job!

    October 27, 2022
  8. Richard #

    It’s the bloody hope that kills me!

    October 28, 2022
    • As I said Richard. Charlton Athletic FC killing hopes since 1905 😌

      October 28, 2022

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