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Charlton Athletic 4 Ipswich Town 4

We have had some great games with the Tractor Boys over the years, but that was just mad.

It was a game in which at times we were outplayed, and for periods on top. Defensively it was pretty shambolic, from both sides, but what great character to come back from 2-4 after 95 minutes.

So much came after it, but it’s easy to forget that we lost to injury Egbo, who would have had a key role in the way Garner set us up, and then O’Connell, thus leaving us with two centre-halves that had hardy played, and to be honest at times that showed.

It was left to Fraser and Dobson in front of them to cover a lot of turf especially with Ipswich’s formation of two 10’s and two deep-lying midfielders.

It is clear to me at least that Rak-Sakyi is not a 10, and is far more effective wide, and I think it is pretty clear to most of us that CBT is much more of a game changer than Kirk, and Aneke is far superior to Stockley. If only they could do a full day’s work.

For lengthy spells I admired Ipswich, thinking it is something for us to aspire to, their squad and bench strength certainly is, yet we often matched them and at times scared the hell out of them especially when Chuks and CBT entered the fray.

Morgan deserves a shout out too, he was pointless at right midfield, but he cajoled and probed when moved to the middle and it was his two delightful crosses that were asking to be scored deep in injury time.

Curbs said afterwards that George Dobson is the one player in our squad that he would have had in one of his. That is some compliment, and I have to say my kitchen has not seen a goal celebration like that for a long time after George headed over the keeper and into the net on 99 minutes. Brilliant to see.

A couple of last thoughts on the referee and Ben Garner. The referee was atrocious, but it is what I have come to expect in this bloody division. As for Garner, his emotional outburst as he was escorted down the touchline and into the tunnel set light to The Valley this afternoon. I loved his passion and what he said after.

Maybe there is hope yet….

Ben Garner: “I’m just so proud of the players, the supporters – I love you, you’re incredible, what an atmosphere. We thoroughly deserved a point.”

Stats (CAFC first): Possession – 49% / 51%; Passes – 401 / 411; Accurate passes – 313 / 340; Shots (on target) – 9 (7) / 18 (5)

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  1. Chris #

    Wow wow wow!!!
    Pride,passion and determination shown by all the players and totally agree with you CA regarding the referee.
    Dobson,Clare,and Morgan were instrumental in the game.
    The covered end did its job and at last real and unbridled passion of Garner after going down the tunnel and after the game is fantastic !!!
    Ipswich are a strong team but our passion showed right till the end !!!

    October 30, 2022
  2. Daggs #

    An amazing injury time for sure. Don’t think i’ve seen or heard of four goals after the 90 minutes before.
    One wonders why or how the team could dig out such a result against Ipswich. Yet fail pitifully against MK Dons ………….

    October 30, 2022
  3. LP #

    Wow CA. Haven’t screamed and danced like that in a long time. Singing about my george all evening. Could i please use this forum to publically thank the ipswich numbers 14 and 19 for their time wasting tactics as they held up the re-starting of the game after scoring sauntering in that arrogant, annoying way – thank you for the 99 minutes. And their lovely number 4 for his taunting of the home crowd when they scored the 4th. Sure our players noticed!
    Sad for our fans who left at that point and so, so happy the players didn’t give up as well.

    October 30, 2022
  4. greg brown #

    Credit where credit is due, we had passion, commitment, ability and a hunger to get something out of the game. Defensively both sides were a shambles at times and once again the officials were woeful.
    If only we could show that ‘fire’ in every game we would be challenging the top six.
    Gotta say Garner is stepping up in my estimation to be a real ‘Addick’, not especially for his tactical ability, but for his show of emotion after the game,

    October 30, 2022
  5. JOHN F GOSS #

    Couldn’t add to you’re comments!

    October 30, 2022
  6. Norfolk Red #

    Well said CA. I totally agree. Passion, commitment and determination was on display in no short measure. Show this consistently and the fans will be right behind the Manager and the team. However, the contrast between the MK Dons and Ipswich performances could not be further apart, and here lies the problem. When Charlton apply themselves properly then they can match and beat the best teams in L1. The mentality of the team is questionable at times but that is partly due to the player’s available to the Manager and the systems he wants to play. The way Charlton finished the Ipswich performance will go a long way to galvanising the bond between fans and team. That Ref was a disgrace as Liz Truss would say.

    October 30, 2022
  7. Chris Newman #

    Love reading your take on everything that is CAFC and usually agree with every word, the above being no exception. I just wanted to share a poem I wrote after another referee put in a poor performance several years ago. Just proves nothing changes.

    It’s football – it’s de’ja vu

    Another week where we have to see
    The various mistakes of a match referee
    And linesmen, paid to watch all the game
    Who can’t get it right – another great shame
    Football supporters across the land
    Will find it quite easy to understand
    Why players, managers and all the fans
    Feel the results are out of their hands
    Fans don’t pay for this sort of show
    And officials – one thing you really should know
    Respect is something you have to earn
    Consistency is the greatest concern
    Cameras are watching every tackle and shoe
    Pundits point out what we already knew
    So, let’s keep it fair for all to see
    For there is nowhere to hide on national TV

    October 30, 2022
    • That’s brilliant Chris. Thanks for sharing.

      October 30, 2022
      • JOHN F GOSS #

        Yes completely agree with comments. Next up a game for fringe players. FA Cup. Coalville Town. Then we’ll I suppose we can forget anything from Burton FC bottom club. However we live and hope.

        October 30, 2022
  8. Shadow Play #

    That finish is why we are football and Charlton fans. At 2-3 I couldn’t believe that we’d blown a point at home after fighting back from 2-0 down. To then concede another goal was rubbing salt in and then what happened after that was one of those once in a decade things. Have we ever scored a 99th minute goal – at least in a regulation match?

    That’s two bad referees in a row who have cost us goals. I can understand when managers get frustrated and end up being escorted to the stands, it’s their jobs which are at stake. On the what goes around basis we are due a couple of decisions going our way. We need better refereeing in League One – after the match Ben Garner reported that the ref was boasting that he was a Championship referee. If that’s so he can happily carry on officiating there.

    As for the match itself, having lost Ryan Inniss to suspension and then Eoghan O’Connell and Manny Egbo through injury we were always going to struggle defensively. All four Ipswich goals came in areas that fitter, up to speed centre-backs should have cut out. Their goals though were well taken, and I’d be surprised if Ipswich aren’t celebrating promotion next May. From here we have three cup games before the league programme resumes in two weeks and by then Sam Lavelle and Terell Thomas will have had a bit more football while Inniss can waste the last game of his suspension in a match he probably wouldn’t have played in.

    We also showed that if given some room we can play – it’s matches like MK Dons where the opposition defend in depth and fill the centre of the park with bodies that we struggle. Then we miss the ability to force mistakes from opponents.

    It was good to see a decent crowd in at the Valley, around 13,000 of whom were home fans, the support is out there and will return. Under Ben Garner things are coming together and his emotional outburst as he was being directed up the tunnel will have earnt him some love from the fans. I think Scott Marshall got booked as well. A bit more depth and the odd tweak here and there and we could yet be in contention for promotion.

    October 30, 2022
  9. Terry #

    As magical as this game was, the real tests comes again when we play teams below us especially those in the relegation zone. We need to play with the same passion and determination at Burton that we did against Ipswich. Burton have everything to fight for so the Addicts must no become complacent.

    October 30, 2022
    • Agree Terry, and as others have said also have the wherewithal and patience to break these teams down.

      October 30, 2022
    • JOHN F GOSS #

      Yes it’ll be a Basset all sorts team again where we should with a bit of talent beat the shit out of a pub team B Albion the right sided players playing on the left and so on. However finger’s crossed.

      October 30, 2022

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