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Teenage kicks

Our daughter becomes a teenager this week, and to kick off her teenage odyssey we took her to New York this past weekend.

We’ve taken her to NYC a few times before, but she was much younger then and her fascination with life has matured.

We walked, shopped and ate exceptionally well. Hangawi, Zaytinya, Momofuku and the always perfect Eataly were our favourite restaurants, but I won’t list the shops as that would be endless.

Nonetheless the highlight of the weekend was going to see Aladdin at the historic New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway. A descendant of the Disney movie, the show opened at this spot in 2014 and has been a fixture in the most watched top 10 Broadway shows ever since.

The audience are whisked away by a magic carpet, if you will, to the magic-filled fictional city of Agrabah, where a poor street-dweller called Aladdin wins the hand of a beautiful princess, Jasmine, with a little help from a quite hilarious blue Genie who lives in a lamp.

With the Sultan running out of suitable princes for his daughter Jasmine, the villainous sorcerer and royal vizier Jafar sees an opportunity to steal the throne of Agrabah from the Sultan. Jafar is assisted by the entertaining and goofy Iago, who was worth the entry price alone.

Jafar throws Aladdin into the cave where he finds the lamp, gives it a rub and the Genie appears to give Aladdin three wishes, and you know the rest.

The stage effects were brilliant as was the music, and we are pretty sure we sat next to the family of the actress who has only just debuted as Jasmine. She was very good, but the Genie, Aladdin and Iago were saved the biggest standing ovations as the curtain came down after two and half hours.

New York was a ‘whole new world for our daughter.’

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  1. John Goss #

    Well if she’s ever naughty a trip to Charlton will sort her out. Life’s not complete a visit to the Valley. It’s home to MK Dons this evening normally we would lose to the bottom team so it’s fingers crossed 🤞 l

    October 25, 2022

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