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Florida escape

Time to escape the high heat and the nudging 100% humidity of Bermuda, so we are flying to Florida tomorrow for, er more of the same. Actually as an expert in sweating during summers, I think Florida’s heat is a lot more bearable, probably due to modern day air-conditioning. Our Bermuda home built of large slabs of limestone is more than 200 years old, and the air-conditioning units possibly not much younger!

A pit-stop in Miami Saturday followed by three weeks at our house in Sarasota three and a half hours by car away on the other, in my bias opinion, more alluring and refined coast.

Don’t tell our daughter but there will be a lot of furniture shopping on the agenda as we find out how terrible the supply chain issues really are. Getting building products has been bad enough.

We will build in some fun family activities other than arguing with the electrician, but most of all I’m looking forward to doing nothing for three weeks with family, wine and food close to hand.

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