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Charlton Athletic 1 Derby County 0

Talk about a game of two halves.

We should have been dead and buried at the break, at least 0-3 down with O’Connell the pinnacle of a dreadful bunch and only Joe Wollacott showing any signs of life with a terrific performance that kept us in the game.

The final few minutes of the half when Kirk put in a couple of peachy crosses perhaps was a sign that the 2nd half would be better…. it could not have been worse.

Whatever Ben Garner put in their half-time cocoa did the trick, as we were a different proposition 2nd half. There was ambition and signs that there will be better things to come. Still very much a work in progress, and Garner deserves those extra bodies he talked about after to give him better players, better suited.

George Dobson coming on was pivotal for me. That was the Dobbo we saw last season and with the way we are going to play out from the back the team needs that security blanket of George in it.

I’m hoping Payne can get fit quickly because he looks very decent, Kirk was good too, whereas I thought Fraser struggled and Stockley really is not a natural fit. Credit to CBT as well, I don’t think I have ever seen him that far up the centre of the pitch.

Lovely to win, but nonetheless we were fortunate that Derby were so seedless in front of goal, and I was really pleased to hear Garner’s post-match interview when he spoke honestly and directly. So often managers talk as if they have watched a completely different game, but I’m starting to like the cut of Ben’s gib.

Absolute credit to the boss for his half-time talk and clever and purposeful use of his substitutions, with six coming on due to McGrandles concussion.

Ben Garner: “I’m really, really pleased but the first 45 minutes was nowhere near where it needs to be. We rode our luck a little bit. Wollacott was the only player in the first half that was at the required level and that has to be a monkey off our back now. That has to be a psychological thing because I’ve not seen any of that this week. We didn’t do a thing that we’d work on in the first half. That must be a hangover from last season. There was nervousness, there was tension and that has to go now.”

Stats (CAFC first): Possession – 41% / 59%; Passes – 325 / 462; Accurate passes – 243 / 361; Shots (on target) – 14 (7) / 13 (2)

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  1. LP #

    What would we have said at half time if we were derby fans? That we hadn’t taken our chances and it would be typical if we lost it. And they did. O’connell made me want to weep – why? such a relief that it got so much better. I know you are liking our new man but i have a little message – dear ben don’t you ever, ever start a game without george again.

    August 7, 2022
    • Chris #

      Totally agree….Dobson was so effective especially in the second half…..praise to for Albie and Sean who both showed their best side.
      The covered end did us proud and at last a game with true atmosphere.
      I spoke to many Derby fans who were trying to understand why they lost the game and should have been 3-1 up at half time
      I don’t know what Garner put in Charlton players half time drink but what a turn around.

      August 7, 2022
      • Chris #

        Pity that Derby fan decided to run on the pitch after taking a corner flag during the minutes applause for ex-Charlton players
        who we lost.
        Big respect to the Derby fans who booed the idiot along with our fans.Derby deserve credit for the statement they have made too.
        Hope he enjoys his forthcoming ban and hopefully imprisonment.

        August 7, 2022
    • Liking is a bit strong LP – warming perhaps.

      August 7, 2022
  2. Simon Jones #

    Mcgrandles injury proved pivotal as he brought Dobson on and moved Morgan forward from a defensive midfield position where he had been lost and ineffective. I hope BG realises how important Dobson is and at 23/24 is only going to improve. Have to agree about Fraser, Payne should start instead. Stockley tries so hard and I like him but as everyone has observed we need a more mobile and better player in his position to start. Whether that’s a Stockton or Simpson or whoever I hope he brings one in to directly challenge that position.

    August 7, 2022
  3. Wayne #

    I was surprised and disappointed that Dobson did not start. In the 2nd half he proved to the manager (he does not need to prove anything to the supporters) how valuable he is to the team. Should be first on the teamsheet. Wollacott in goal is looking very good indeed and it was nice to see Kirk put in an improved showing…let’s hope his improvement continues. well done to the Covered End who really helped the players through the second half and credit to our defence overall in the later stages, they were giving it everything. Don’t quite know how we ended up with 3 points but they are gratefully accepted. Onto what will probably be another tough match at Sheff Wed.

    August 7, 2022
  4. Mike #

    Agree with everyone, first half was even worse than Adkins games in charge and couldn’t believe I would ever be saying that! Derby fans must be wondering how they couldn’t even be one up at half time, with the chances they had. The only time we actually got anywhere near there goal was when Dobson came on, he should have been first name on that team sheet, so was a big relief McGrandles had to come off, he did absolutely nothing and looked totally lost.
    Frasier needs to be dropped and replaced by Payne, he’s just a slower version of Gilbey, can’t tackel and keeps losing the ball. As for O’ Connell he did similar last week in the first minute which should have cost us a goal and now twice this game, surely Garner must see that and drop him, so many errors and anyone going down on the outside easily beats him as he can’t use his left foot at all. Maybe he might be okay on the right side but definately absolutely terrible on the left, Garner needs an urgent left footer on that left side.

    Second half like a different team though they still had good oppertunities, mainly due to O’Connell. Good news is that Morgan, playing in front of Dobson has started to play some of his best football and some of his long ball crosses are superb, straight to players feet plus his freekicks and corners are vastly improving along with his tackling. Clare again at right back was probably our best defender, including mopping up after numerous errors from others, can’t see how Mandella would get that right back postion when fit.

    Stockley, again did nothing up front, his best contribution was in defense from corners and free kicks same as last week. The way Garner wants to play with this fast pressing game, just doesn’t suit him he is too slow, plus he isn’t good at holding the ball up. We need at least another one, known striker, who can get up the front with some speed, then we could alternate between him and Leaburn, who probably isn’t quite ready yet to be alone up front.

    August 7, 2022
  5. Shadow Play #

    If you had asked me say 15/20 minutes in what the result was going to be I would never have predicted a reasonably comfortable 1-0 home win, but there you are. Football eh?

    Plenty of positives for both sides, we soaked up the pressure, regained our sang froid and dominated the match from around the 40th minute onward. Kirk was outstanding on the left and with CBT on the right we had pace on both wings. I hate to boast, but I predicted that this was the best use of resources some time ago…although he’s comfortable wide left CBT can do a great job on the right where DJ is just too inconsistent.

    I’m not convinced by Eoghan O’Connor at CB, maybe Sam Lavelle needs to come in there, but O’Connor will see plenty of football this season – Ryan Inniss is never too far from an injury. George Dobson played like his starting place depended on how well he did and he is nailed on to start for the next few games at least. Albie Morgan looks good in that deep lying midfield role. He’s had a hand in two of our three goals this season it showcases his distribution skills. Played in the no 10 position he just isn’t consistent enough for me. And Joe Wollacott was outstanding, the word is that Craig MacGillivray might be allowed to leave the club. Barring injury I can’t see him being first choice.

    The downside was the finishing, Jayden Stockley had a couple of good chances and should have taken at least one. The cross from Charlie Kirk late in the first half was made for him, either side of the keeper and it was a goal…he knows he should have done better – fortunately Derby’s finishing was equally woeful.

    Another defender, another striker and maybe one or two players need to be shifted on to balance things up.

    August 7, 2022
  6. rierti #

    I am sorry to see my initial assessment of O’Connell is proving correct, i.e. lacks pace and does not defend well enough for our needs. Like other people I am baffled that Garner excluded Dobson from the starting line-up, as he was rightly player of the year last season
    Wollacott had a good game, but he is selected on the basis of being able to play out from the back better than McGillivray who in my opinion did little wrong last season. Playing out from the back is not only down to the goalkeeper it is down to all the defensive back line. I see that McG is now available for transfer. I think the reason is wages as per JFC.
    It will be very interesting to see the line up for the QPR game on Tuesday’s, hopefully Lavelle and Ness will get on the team sheet with Bakrin and Asiimwe on the bench, it is probably too much to expect that Clayden will be picked as a winger rather than a Full back.
    For me Garner is doing too many things wrong, obviously playing favourites to achieve an unrealistic 4-3-3 system with players that are not suitable. As others have said Stockley is totally unsuited for the lone striker role and Leaburn is not a winger (when brought on as a sub)

    August 7, 2022
  7. Buddy #

    I’m quite concerned it took us the first 45 to get into the swing of things. What we gonna do when we play better sides and away from home too. Anyway 3 points better than 1 I suppose . It’s early days yet in the season though.

    August 8, 2022

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