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Well done Sunderland

Very pleased for Sunderland yesterday. Jealous they have made their way finally out of this graveyard of a division, but in Alex Neil they finally found the right man after a merry-go-round of duds. I hope they are able to stay up and progress back to where they belong and that their new owners can rid the club of the last lot.

An historic club with proper fans, both humble and knowledgeable. Congratulations to the Black Cats.

Wycombe were pretty dire though, and remembering that last time they beat Oxford in an empty stadium, yesterday they were well beaten on the big stage heavily owned by masses of Sunderland fans.

Gareth Ainsworth has been mentioned in Charlton quarters, but I can’t imagine his teams play in any style that Thomas Sandgaard desires.

Selfishly losing Sunderland from L1 is better for any chances we may have next season. I expect Wycombe to be weaker than this season.

In L2 Swindon were knocked out by Port Vale on penalties with Josh Davison missing his penalty kick, which was the 10th, which if he’d scored would’ve sent Swindon through. As it was Port Vale persevered to win 6-5. Vale will meet Mansfield Town at Wembley, the only ground of the four in the L2 play-off’s I haven’t been to.

Swindon manager Ben Garner has also been mentioned in Addicks’ dispatches.

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  1. Terry #

    Exactly my sentiments CA. Congratulation Sunderland, Long overdue. Hope you can stay up.

    May 22, 2022
  2. Yes, I’m glad they’re going up. I feel we have a sort of affinity with Sunderland and I’m pleased they’ve finally won a play off final.

    May 22, 2022
  3. I never understand the comment ‘back where they belong?’

    Teams belong exactly wherever you find them. If they’re good they’ll be in the upper echelons or if they’re shite down with the cloggers!

    No team has a god given right it has to be earned.

    May 22, 2022
    • Very true Martin. I meant that in terms of stature, but agree that you are where you are for a reason.

      May 23, 2022
  4. Robert Allen #

    I have been a cCharlton fan since saw my first match back in Sept. 1948 Charlton beating Man. City 3 – 2. and watched avidly through 50’s and 60’s After emigrating to South Africa (1976) and took up refereeing,where I met the late Stuart Leary who I met several times again. I play golf at local club, and a lady member is the daughter of Albert Uytenbogardt, goalkeeper from the 50’s. I avidly look for the “Addicks” results every week, hoping they will get back to their previous glories. perhaps 2022 -2023 season will be a success and they can again get back into the Championship again and then some more!!!

    May 24, 2022
  5. Paul Victor Gearing #

    Blimey i thought i was a senior supprter I was one y o in 1948 I clearly remember Stuart Leary who i believe we Robins picked up from S Africa with Eddie Firmani My hero then was Johnny Summers who scored for fun. Sadly taken relatively young by cancer

    May 24, 2022
  6. Paul Victor Gearing #

    But back to the main topic and yes good luck to the Black Cats And it is truely the history, of any club that should be taken into account when the cliche’ back where they belong, is mentioned Not only where they currently are in the league,Not all the founder members of the F L, are now high flyers Derby Villa et al .But even clubs like early founders Leyton Orient may be a classic example
    When you emigrate to the colonies. where forms of ‘village green’ football and cricket take far more preferance,, by the media, over the ‘beautiful game’, you more appreciate and respect the community spirit of the perenial battlers,Too many to mention
    Dont we just respect and even envy a club like Sunderland who can amass a crowd of 10-20 thousand,supporters, even in the lower echelons. I dont envy some of the crowd trouble that i witnessd ,enacted by some of their younger supporters back in the unruly 70s. But -hey- doesnt every club have to carry the baggage of some of the over exuberant supporters
    As a footnote -I believe Eddie Firmani was sold to Sampdoria in about 1958-9 for the insane sum of 32 thousand pounds mm I had no idea where Samdoria was, and i should have known as i liked geography at school But 3 years ago on holiday in Italy we were in the Genoa shipping terminal and the taxi driver mentioned Samdoria as the Genovese second team .We are never to old to learn

    May 24, 2022
  7. Mark #

    Good luck & well done to Sunderland, some of the best supporters in the country.
    In 1998 after the Wembley epicmy 2 kids & I finally got to Paddington for our train back to the west country. I needed a pint so went into a nearby pub – it was full of Makems! A tactical withdrawal came to mind but I was back slapped & dragged to the bar & drinks were bought for all 3 of us, after all we had all witnessed an epic event.
    3 years ago we were walking out of Wembley & on a bridge above us were loads of Makems, we both applauded eachother, including a 7 year old Sunderland lad with tears of disappointment streaming down his face, but he still applauded us – sheer class. I hope he was at Wembley the other day. Good luck Black Cats, onward & upwards….

    May 26, 2022

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