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Kanu signs pro contract

As we get our heads around Mason Burstow being sold to Chelsea after 612 minutes in a first team shirt, the club were quick to offer prolific youth goal scorer Daniel Kanu a professional contract until at least 2024.

The Dartford based 17-year-old has already scored 31 goals this season representing the Addicks at U23, U19 and U17 level and has been on fire in recent weeks helping the U18’s to the 5th Round of the FA Youth Cup

Whether Kanu makes it to 2024 is another matter altogether, but the most important thing is that he and his family feel that they belong and get the best care and coaching as he makes his way into professional football with Charlton

Also today young Kent attacking midfielder Ryan Huke also signed pro forms until 2024 also.

Both ones too watch as the debate roars on about our academy and the selling of players sooner and sooner. I will jot some thoughts down and post them in the next couple of days.

Congratulations to both Daniel, Luke and their families.

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  1. Christopher #

    Is a contract until 2024 long enough, I recall (maybe eroniously) that when we had a speight of players being “tapped up” previously we went for longer contracts. Although that may be a risk, surely this can be mitigated by the likely additional income (albeit not reported these days, rumours are abound)?

    Whilst I appreciate players will leave, especially when we are mid table league one, a long term contract puts us in the driving seat. As I saw this reported as a long term deal, I do not consider 2024 to be long term, maybe a clause allows for an extension which usually requires both parties agreement.

    February 3, 2022
    • Jon Wilshire #

      Under 18s can only be offered a contract length of up to 3 years. 2024 would therefore be the maximum that could be offered – unusual in football for contract to expire halfway through a season

      February 3, 2022
  2. Les #

    1.6 million + add-ons for a very young inexperienced player who may have peaked early and will drop down the leagues, or someone who will go from strength to strength in my opinion is a good deal.

    February 3, 2022
  3. Mike #

    Agree with Chris, as if Kanu does get a chance and starts popping in the goals, he will be off as soon as someone comes in with Mr Sangaards valuation along with Elewere.

    CA the thing that does concern me is, why have we got all these loan players in, with potentially the last three in being decent players but will be going back to their respective clubs at the end of the season, better players by gaining first team experince at our expense! How on earth does that benefit us when we have literally no chance of getting in the top six, so could be trying out some of our own youngsters, such as Elewere ( already proved he is capable) Kanu etc, to see if they would be good enough for the next season?

    Jackson has already said great for Burstow to be coming back as we can improve him, what for Chelsea, same as Nile John for Tottenham who Powell recommended. Jackson has also stated that as only five loanees can be in the first team on the day and we have six, one will have to be left out! What does that say to the Charlton first team players and under 23’s who are trying to get into the squad on match days, as five of the loanees are almost guaranteed a match day place? Plus if you include Watson who is never ever dropped but only really played in Papa Johns, that’s six places gone, so with the certain regular players always included, leaves very little room for any up and coming players to even get on the bench, let alone play!

    February 3, 2022
    • rierti #

      Absolutely agree with Mike. Why sign players on loan when we have no prospect of promotion this season. We should be building for next season by which time Castillo and John will have returned to their own clubs. So give Elewere, Campbell, Ness and Adigun a chance to show what they can do. Kanu probably needs to wait to next season as he needs to gain physically, he is tall enough but lacks physique which leaves him open to injury. Similar comments apply to Huke but he also is on the short side. Is Fraser in line to replace Morgan, I hope not as his recent performances have been noteworthy?

      February 3, 2022

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