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Lincoln City 2 Charlton Athletic 1

Nigel Adkins future must now be untenable.

Enough of the excuses. Twelve games and still no clear system or pattern of play. No energy, horribly unorganized at the back, ponderous going forward and overrun in midfield. 14 days on the training ground and Adkins is patently unable to organize, present a vision or effect how we play. Similarly from the touchline during the games.

The players were shocking in different measures. I thought Arter looked at least like he gave a shit, but many of them were worst than terrible. I will also say again that I’ve never seen a Charlton team so unfit.

I watch the games, and the clock just moves forward without us making any impact. The ball is passed around a bit innocuously at the back until we either lose it, or kick it out. Opposing players are left unmarked, crosses aren’t prevented. Midfielders are chasing shadows, and we are never far away from a booking. The ball gets pinged up front, that mostly goes to no one, or if we can keep it, there is no one getting forward to support.

First 15 minutes we were okay – on this basis we will get to the point around December where will have clocked up 90 good minutes in total!

Elliot Lee was central to most of those good moments in the first quarter of an hour. Once he went off, by all accounts ill, we lost all momentum and energy to the point we were happy to go in at half-time level.

We go behind although I thought MacGillivray and Stockley were pretty blameless for the goal, but never mind, just the 25 clean sheets to play-for!

The equalizer at least gave the poor travelling Addicks something to celebrate, but we were straight back to self, and Lincoln should have had the game won before they did in the 91st minute. The complete lack of care or yearning to salvage something in the next 6 minutes of injury time was a fitting epilogue to another rubbish performance.

It is hard to imagine that this abject set of players and a joker of a manager can make this situation any worse, yet I am rapidly coming to the realization that this team can get relegated. There is not one redeeming feature.

I wonder if Thomas is watching the same games. Someone please tell him that we have relegation in English sports.

Mr Positivity: “I thought we were good for 20 minutes.”

Michael Appleton: “I thought we were quite dominant”

Photo credit: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Terry lloyd #

    From the stats of the game, I’m more inclined to believe Michael Appleton;s comment “I thought we were more dominant” – they were.

    October 16, 2021
  2. Mike #

    Each week you spout off the same old things, of how we were so unlucky, we didn’t get the rub of the green, we were the better team, they got a lucky goal, etc etc, as you appear to see the games completely different to the rest of us. Sorry but as nearly always, we were second best again, with only two shots on target, sluggish and slow, midfield non existant and poor defending,with no real tactics.

    At last we finally have an owner who cares about the club and is also willing to put his own money into Charlton to get us into a better place. Unfortunately we currently don’t have a manager who can achieve that and is just living on his past glories,

    So please do us all a favour, including yourself and do the honourable thing and go now Mr Adkins, for the sake of Charlton Football Club. You might want to stay on, but the vast majority of supporters want you gone now and probably quite a few of the players do as well!

    October 16, 2021
  3. Get him out now and still finding another excuse(s)

    October 16, 2021
  4. greg brown #

    Same excuses,same team performance devoid of purpose, and tactical ability,Adkins should have gone weeks ago…….nothing will change until he does.

    October 17, 2021
  5. Simon Jones #

    Marie Celeste , The Flying Dutchman , Charlton Athletic : Cursed ships all.

    October 17, 2021
  6. Bob Miller #

    Twitter comment from Thomas Sandgaard on September 28/21……………”Tough loss today. We need to turn this around. #cafc” Well………………….it’s now October 16 and another “tough’ loss, so what do you think should be done Thomas????

    October 17, 2021
    • Perhaps Thomas is not the decisive business leader we envisioned. This whole debacle is not only exposing Adkins, but the whole football structure that TS put in place.

      October 17, 2021
      • Terry lloyd #

        I cannot believe that Thomas is not a decisive business leader, he does not gain that wealthy without it. True its not looking good for this season but it is much better that our other recent owner and claimers to CAFC. He has amalgamated the womens and youth teams into the organization. Confident that Thomas will not see us relegated to League 2.

        October 17, 2021
  7. Mark #

    If Mr. Positivity thought we were good for 20 minutes I’d like to know this views on the other 75 minutes….

    An honourable man in charge of the worst start to a season in our history would resign – a dis-honourable man will hang on and wait to be sacked and no doubt be paid off the remainder of his contract.
    So, Mr. Positivity – which are you?

    Thomas, you really do need to get to grips with this – automatic promotion has now gone west, as likely as not any chance of a play-off place. You need to act NOW and learn from the history of our club, in the last 30 years success has only come with an ex-Charlton player at the helm. You have 3 options to choose from, for goodness sake bite the bullet, admit that your choice of manager has let you down and let’s move on and get the club out of this mess.

    We have a good squad of players – all we need now is the right leader to get us to mid-table safety. The alternative is for you to have the ignominy of being the first owner of Charlton Athletic FC to take the club into the fourth tier of English football….

    October 17, 2021
    • Victor Payne #

      Well said , we are real trouble the league table does not lie. Like I have said before the only 3 points we have got this season are from teams just around us in the bottom of the table. Thomas get on the phone and call Mr Powell who would come back. I live in Sutton Surrey and bumped into Mr Chris Powell while he was doing his run a couple of years ago. He loves the club and if given the opportunity I’m sure would come back.

      October 17, 2021
  8. confidentialrick #

    Is the problem deeper than just NA? Does TS ever talk to Curbs because he should.. Although Curbs would never take the manager’s job again, he is Charlton and must have an ear as to what’s happening behind the scenes and how improvements can be made on and off the pitch.

    October 18, 2021
    • I don’t think TS has engaged Curbs at all, except for the stand naming. I think the only people he listens to are Geddy, Mumford, Keohane, Gallen and Adkins.

      I’d love to have a chat to Curbs over a pint. He is clearly biting his tongue in the studio, and looks as shell-shocked as us after games. The modern game and the modern player is very different to when Curbs was in his heyday, but rudimentary formations, tactics, organization and team harmony have not changed as Curbs, Brownie and every other guest clearly point out to the detriment of the current manager.

      October 18, 2021

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