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Ryan & Ronnie

What a pair. One made of glass the other invisible ink.

Inniss is a real shame. The big fella has real ability and is very capable of playing well above this level, but signing him was always going to be a risk and so it has proven.

Despite wrapping him up in cotton wool throughout pre-season and into the first few weeks of the season, we now lose him for “a couple of months at least” due to his thigh. This campaign Inniss has started five league games but only finished three. So much for a medical team carefully handling him.

Over a career spanning 9 seasons the 26-year old has played 111 league games. Real shame as despite a spotty past, he comes across as genuine and someone willing to change and help others in a positive way.

Lucky we signed Sam Lavelle at the 11th hour wasn’t it….

The other little tidbit of information shared by Nigel Adkins was that Ronnie Schwartz will also be out injured for two months. One can only assume that the Dane got a calf injury in the 45 minutes he played in a friendly a month ago.

The whole situation with Ronnie is quite farcical, and I don’t understand the need for the big cover-up. It does not put the club in a good light and can hardly help the player settle.

The focus now turns to Adkins and his team as they visit Wycombe on Saturday, the first I think of five games to prove he can walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

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  1. Top top post and you hit it right on the head and agree with you 5000 per cent.
    Well Mr Positivity LOL and others have been stating we have a wonderful medical team here and as usual, CAFC needs it and this injury situation or not match fit player issue carries on and it has been the same for several seasons now.

    It made me fume hearing Adkins stating there has been a lot of positive energy this week and we have shown the clips to the players.
    Excuse me, you saw the first half and I know where I would at least clip them and for a start around the ear at least and much more.
    Pathetic to hear more talk the talk and no action on the field and we move on to the next one.
    Then stating it is going to be a physical battle at Wycombe (they all are) so he knows and we certainly know.

    September 17, 2021
  2. Daggs #

    The team selection on Saturday will tell us if Adkins has learnt anything………….

    September 17, 2021
  3. Charltonlane Dave #

    Reliably informed that Schwartz came back to training embarrassingly over-weight and that was the initial problem.

    September 17, 2021
  4. Mike #

    You have hit the nail on the head CA. I said this about Inniss as soon as he had his first injury and found he had been constantly injured throughout his carrer and the most he has ever played in one season was under half the games. Anyone could see, apart from Adkins, since Inniss comeback, that he was taking things very carefully in games and not fully commiting to the tackles unless he really needed to and was half a yard slower and I suspect should not really have been playing, as it seemed he was just trying to get through the games without further inury. So who the hell checks these previous issues out at Charlton prior to signings and also the person who does the medicals, its just yet another Lewis issue, which we seemed to have every year with certain players we take on? As johnwest has stated, I thought we were have meant to have improved the medical/physio team as they have been so poor over the previous years, yeh looks like it!!!! And Adkins has always said until the last minute panic, we don’t need another centre back. Feel sorry for Inniss though, as he appears to be a nice guy and really wants to play and do well for Charlton, but unfortunately his fragile frame can’t take the rigours of football.

    As for Ronnie, its just a complete joke with one excuse after another, another disasterous signing. Apart from his extremely poor performances and running around like a headless chicken trying to just touch the ball when he did play and playing one half of a friendly under 23 match this season, he has played for just 12mins under Adkins last season. How the hell has he now picked up a calf strain, bending down to pick up his wage packet?

    Would be best to let them both go to free up two more spaces, as we will be unlikely to see either until next year if at all.

    September 17, 2021

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