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No Ronnie

No Ronnie Schwartz tonight in the Pizza Trophy at The Valley against Crawley Town. Nigel Adkins has changed the whole team from Saturday, and includes Elliot Lee, Corey Blackett-Taylor and Nathan Harness and is captained by Jason Pearce.

We don’t know whether there are some personal issues, more serious than being homesick, but clearly we should be getting some kind of explanation, especially if Schwartz is still with the club tomorrow, and as is the case so far, we don’t sign a replacement for one of the team’s highest earners in the squad.

It is good to remember that this was a signing singularly chased and sanctioned by Thomas Sandgaard, and for all of his good intentions it is another abstract lesson in what happens when non-football people let their excitement and ego get the better of them.

We are still four plus hours away from the deadline, and I can’t help but think that, despite having hands tied and getting no support whatsoever Steve Gallen did a much better job when he was in control of the club’s transfer strategy.

Meanwhile Harry Artery did complete his season-long loan move from Nottingham Forest and young striker Wassim Aouachri signed on loan with Aldershot for an initial 3 months. Good luck with The Shots Wassim and welcome back Harry.

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  1. Terry #

    Would like to hear from the Club on our Ronnie. He has not exactly been a stand-out striker since his arrival last season. Get the impression from the non-news that he would be happier elsewhere i.e. Denmark with his family.

    August 31, 2021
  2. David Evans #

    It is a real mystery with Ronnie Schwartz as I half expected him to have a run out tonight against Crawley Town, but we didn’t need him as we got 6 good goals from our other players. Elliot Lee being one of them. COYR

    August 31, 2021
  3. Eltham Addick #

    I had high hopes for RS when he signed being a ‘natural’ goalscorer and still would love to see him pull on a Charlton shirt and bang in a few goals for us. I have to agree with what you say in regards to it being a TS signing and therefore a good early lesson for him to learn and leave it to the people who know. I also agree with what you said about SG. I’m not sure what role GRoddy has in recruitment but I have a feeling that SG hasn’t got as much as a say these days that regard. Is it a case of too many chiefs in that department now? Having conflicting opinions on players? I’m not sure what it is, I trust Steve Gallen as he’s done us good and we know he has our club at heart. Ged Roddy coming in?? Apparently good CV pedigree and experience but something don’t sit right with me. Maybe I’m being paranoid or just don’t like changing something that works lol. Keep up the good work CA, always reading your posts

    August 31, 2021
  4. Mike #

    Terry I think most Charlton fans would also be happier if he was in Denmark and Pearce was with him, after his normal dragging back a player with yet another yellow card and giving away a sloppy poor penalty this evening, in otherwise a great game! 🙂

    August 31, 2021

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