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Insulting nonsense

Words used by Gillingham’s Steve Evans to describe the Addicks bid of £100,000 for their midfielder Kyle Dempsey on Monday.

With just one day left of the summer transfer window I truly hope that those two words don’t haunt us and we go to bed tomorrow night with them rattling around our heads.

Insulting nonsense 🤔

Last season ended on May 9th, 85 days ago. Now here we are at the 24th hour with a squad still well short of quality and depth. Nigel Adkins talked of a “quite interesting three days” on Saturday evening, but now we simply need it to be a really bloody interesting day!

Everyone has their opinions on what is required. I often thought Lee Bowyer had too many players, although with our injury record it never seemed to be enough, but I’m rather a leaner squad, but I do think we need a striker and a left back minimum.

A goalkeeper will wait as Adkins alluded to, and he may well take a gamble on Deji Elerewe, who is not even on a pro-contract yet, but with Inniss a divot away from the physio’s table, another center-back has to be a necessity let alone a priority.

Not adding a defender in January was inexcusable and did for our promotion chances last season.

Dempsey from Gillingham is interesting. Not sure we need another central midfielder unless Gilbey won’t be 100% anytime soon, although Watson looks to be more of a feature than Adkins expected. Plus so far no sign of Harry Arter, which is a little odd.

I like the look of Dempsey though as I do their 21-year centre-back Jack Tucker, but negotiating with Evans and Scally maybe a note too far for even our very own guitar hero.

F5, F5, F5, F5, F5

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  1. rierti #

    I have relatives in Carlisle so have always taken an interest in their football team . About five years ago Dempsey took the eye as a central mid fielder and Chris Powell bought him whilst manager of Huddersfield for reported £250k. I have followed his progress whilst with Fleetwood and Gillingham and think at 25 he could be a good buy. But I agree with you that a central defender, a left back and a central striker should be priorities.

    August 31, 2021
  2. Mike #

    Your right CA if someome offered just £100,000 for one of our best players we would all be in uproar. As much as I don’t like Evans he has a very valid point and I agree with him, just because Charlton have waited until the last minute they think they can now get him just for nothing, well it hasn’t worked and its not working. Come on Adkins, so far it looks like Charlton with the exception of Stockley, Famewo, who were both here last year anyway and Kirk, we haven’t been able to secure any of the other players we probably really wanted and have had to bring in three very average players to bolster the numbers plus also suddenly surprising Elliot Lee, who appears to have just come available. So we are now scrambling around at the very last minute looking at anyone who might be available to fill the large gaps and sods law, the ones we may be able to bring in, will probably need at least three to four weeks to get match fit.

    Also as per my previous comment on Maynard Brewer, good move by Adkins to send him out to get him playing first team games, as he still hasn’t played one game yet and is just a backup at Ross County. Looks like no one at Charlton also didn’t do their homework on that move!

    August 31, 2021

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