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MK Dons 2 Charlton Athletic 1

Other than the first 15 minutes when we took a deserved lead, that was another shocker. Three games in and one point, our worst start to a season for 8 years, and our worst third tier start since 1928, oh and out of the League Cup.

There has not been one endearing feature thus far with all of us just hoping that we click on the official website and we’ve signed six new players. This hope against a quickly changing tune from our rock n’ roll owner.

The football we are playing is dreadful. We are being outplayed, making errors, our attacking play is non-existent, there is no cohesion, and the fitness levels look way down to me. Dobson and Clare are squad players at best. Gunter is an embarrassment. Can someone explain to me how he got over a 100 international caps? His positional sense is that of the Titanic.

Have no fear because secret weapon Ben Watson was brought on to help us chase the game and he wasn’t good enough to lace Dean Lewington’s boots.

I am trying to keep a lid on it because I’m hoping this post doesn’t age well as the season progresses, but this is by far the weakest squad we have started a season with going back all through the Duchatelet years.

Now we have Washington injured and confirmation that Inniss is the new Chuks Aneke. Something does not add up, and I would be far happier if we were losing but I could see a pattern forming, a style, a presence, anything.

I am sure tomorrow through will be beautiful day and the sun will be shining….

Mr Positivity: “I thought we were very good for the first 20 minutes. I thought we looked bright, I thought we had good movement, I thought we had the momentum for the game.”

Photo credit: Kyle Andrews

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  1. greg brown #

    No excuses.Apart from the first quarter of an hour we were awful….we had no quality,no drive,no direction, and as a team,no togetherness.
    At last Adkins seemed to be watching the same game as the rest of us,but his repeated comment of ‘I have a hardworking group of players that want to learn’ is starting to jar,and without ability, those two qualities alone will not get you points in this division.
    We are three games into the season with one point and to be honest three shocking performances.
    I really wish I could post a positive comment here,but I see nothing to be positive about so far this season.

    August 18, 2021
  2. Shetland Addick #

    The most worrying statement for me was from TS on Saturday who thinks we’re the finished article 1st team-wise and just need a couple more loan signings to give us some depth. That’s so far from reality it’s laughable.
    The next couple of weeks will be defining because if we don’t sign some real quality players who can go straight into the first team we’re going to seriously struggle with what we’ve got.
    The shine seems to have come off NA’s tenure already, especially when his tactics so far this season make Bowyer look like a tactical genius.

    August 18, 2021
  3. Graham Pritchard #

    Picking up unattached players at this stage is not likely to provide any impact on the strength of the squad. Likewise loanees at this stage in the window are again more than likely to have been checked and passed over already by other clubs. Poor starts to the season at this level are not unusual and previous poor starters have been promoted. Unhappy, yes, but not ready to panic.

    August 18, 2021
  4. Brian Wakefield #

    A very good article, unfortunately I have to agree with it. We hear the odd rumour here and there about what is wrong. Most of this I take with a pinch of salt, however, something is wrong somewhere. I no longer watch and listen to NA and his tweets, same old same old and it grates, loads of words used without saying anything. With every game I’m growing more fed up and despondent with his tactics, it’s all so dull and predictable. Change it Nige, do something different – it’s not working!! Almost every game now we have to concede ‘They were the better side’ Doesn’t bode well does it! TS has either uncovered something horrific and frightening in the debts, or something else has happened there. I actually think something big gets announced by the end of the month, just not sure if it’ll be good, bad or indifferent.

    August 18, 2021
  5. Simon Jones #

    We need to change the system, it’s predictable and the players aren’t playing to their capacity with it. Opposition managers know how to play through us. Stockley for all his endeavour needs someone up with him. As Washington looks injured now, step forward our poacher Ronnie. Other wise why are we paying him a wage.

    August 18, 2021
  6. Bob Miller #

    Last seaon’s squad was a tad short of playoff quality. From that team, players such as Millar, Maatsen, Aneke and others, are no longer suiting up on match day. Guys like Dobson, Clare, MacGillivary and other new faces have arrived. They are not good enough. Therefore, they have taken a non-playoff team and converted it into a relegation destined squad. And yes CA, I am waiting for an announcement on the web site that we have signed a slew of new players. Barring that, it’s not looking good.

    August 18, 2021
  7. rierti #

    I think a change in system is required now that Kirk has arrived. Elewere is looking very good and I think he could be developed as a defensive mid fielder as frankly Watson and Dobson do not look good enough. I would also prefer Barker to Gunter at full back as his pace in preseason was impressive, NA said both Matthews and Gunter can play on the left so let Matthews switch to the left hand side and bring in Barker on the right.
    My team would be:-
    Barker Inniss Famewo Matthews
    Morgan Washington Kirk
    Davison Stockley

    The team would require both Barker and Matthews to get forward as much as possible and with Morgan and Kirk there would be creative players on both sides of the pitch and with Washington playing the No10 role supplying the central support for Davison and Stockley. Hopefully a team like this could tide us over until the new quality recruits arrive before the deadline

    August 18, 2021
  8. fatbloke60 #

    Fat bloke 60 No plan b., NA sounds to me that his heart isn’t in it,Ashe always says the same old thing,his after match comments seems to. Be about nothing that we all just watched, if we can’t impress players enough to want to come to the valley there must be something wrong somewhere, forget 5year plan for promotion, my worry is will we be able to stay up

    August 20, 2021

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