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No hiding

The one thing about a sloppy start is there is no covering up the misgivings of a skinny inadequate squad.

In past season’s with a similar anemic pre-season but with a much-less caring owner, we have started well against the odds. At Sunderland a couple of season’s back Lee Bowyer carried a half-filled bench, refusing to sing the ‘pathway to the first-team’ crap and just took the players he felt could come on and make a difference.

The major difference then, was that the first XI were good, and there was a confidence that with injury-luck on our side, which it never is, that squad needed just a couple of key additions and some filling out.

Nonetheless Bowyer’s team then and in each of the past three campaigns was woefully short at kick off, and although we put some good early points on the board, that only hid it’s shortcomings.

This season I feel Adkins first XI comes up short, let alone the squad. More worrying is there doesn’t appear to be any characteristics of a style of play that new players can slot into.

Is he hoping that new signings can dictate a style, and how long does that take? Accepting that now any new signings and loans will probably not have had a perfect pre-season and will need to get up to speed….. what a Charlton phrase that has been these past few years.

Still, it is early and these next two weeks are vitally important. However as we’ve seen in each of the past three seasons that despite playing pretty much twice a week for nine months the finish line is decided by very small margins — two injury time goals — Bauer’s and Barnsley’s, and a Ronnie Schwartz missed penalty.

Yes last season Blackpool started poorly and flourished like a good wine, but from what I’ve tasted so far we are more Liebfrauenmilch than a 2015 Bordeaux.

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  1. Peter #

    Good post, we can’t keep playing long high ball to Stockley, Oxford showed how to control the game by man marking him. We need to be able to build from mid field. Whether we have the talent for that is questionable.
    Under Lee in the early days you could see the type of football he was trying to play, but it’s difficult at the moment to see just what Nigel is trying to build.
    We’ve been linked with a few strikers but still have no replacement for Chucks. What a difference he might have made coming on.

    August 17, 2021
  2. Simon Jones #

    Gilbey and JFC in this team for Albie and Clare would make a difference but Jake won’t be available for a long time and who knows if he’s going to be the same player. Personally I think he will but we’ll be trying to bust into the playoffs at best by then if we don’t get the right recruitment.

    August 17, 2021
  3. greg brown #

    It seems all the early ‘hype’ by Thomas,and lately Adkins,about incoming transfers is now likely to be a majority of loan signings in the last few days of the transfer window.
    I feel we have been let down by the heirarchy who have led us supporters to believe that there was a real chance of us buying some quality additions to the squad to challenge for promotion.
    We will of course be ever thankful to Thomas for saving the club from total extinction,but empty promises to the supporters about the upcoming season’s ambitions is disappointing.
    So,we probably wait for a handfull of loans in the next two weeks, as any players of quality available since June 1st have already been snapped up by our opponents.
    Please,please,please Gallen,Sandgaard & Adkins, prove me wrong !!!

    August 17, 2021
  4. Mike #

    My question, is Gallen really that good at looking and reviewing players or is it all waffel and bluster to fool us into thinking he knows his onions!
    As if you look at the quality of players that he has suggested and brought in etc, over the last few years, approx 50 % are really poor or injury prone, which isn’t an exactly good record!
    If this season turns out to be the same as the last two, maybe a change of personel is urgently required in that area, as even though the manager can say which type of players he wants in, he can only work with what he is finally given!
    As you have advised CA currently we look a much worse and weaker team than last season, with no goal scoring forwards, no left back, no real cover at centre back and with JFC out our midfield, apart from Morgan and Dobson, look dire with Watson who is like a carthorse and Gilbey and Clare both very poor weak players who can’t defend &/or get stuck in!
    Plus currently it looks like we actually now also have a lesser goalie than Amos and it would have been better keeping Maynard Brewer, who at present has been just sitting on the bench at Ross County, so much for him gaining first team experience!

    August 17, 2021
  5. NorfolkRed #

    I’m reading this while sat outside MK Stadium at midday after heading down from Norfolk for tonight’s game. I totally agree with you CA. I am an ever present so far with a ticket for Wigan and the intention to go to Gillingham too. At the start of the summer l was intent on getting a ST – after years of boycott – following the positive messages coming from TS and NA. However, the recruitment hasn’t been what l was lead to believe about ‘smashing the league’ etc and l began to waiver about the ST. I’m glad l did because what l witnessed at Oxford was an embarrassing shambles and the prospect of watching that standard of football l don’t relish. I listened to NA being interviewed by Charltonlive on Sinday about Claydon. NA said just give Claydon the ball because he can make things happen. Nigel, he has to be on the pitch longer than 2mins for that ffs. It’s unfair on young lads like Claydon and Morgan, however talented, to expect them to provide the answer when experienced pros are struggling to deliver the goods imo. I’m trying to give the team the benefit of the doubt in the hope that things start to improve but anyone can see that this squad is desperately thin on numbers and quality. Reinforcements are urgently needed because the patience of fans is beginning to wear thin. The early pre-season glimpses of a style of play coming together was encouraging but thie recent emphasis on route 1 play with players living on scraps and endless flick-ons is not the way forward despite how NA trying to put a positive spin on things. NA imust be watching different games to me? An energetic and committed group will only take Charlton so far. Quality and a stronger squad is what’s required. Hopefully tonight our fortunes improve but if Charlton win it will only paper over the real issues. COYR’s!

    August 17, 2021
    • Enjoy the concrete cows Norfolk. But I hope you enjoy the game more. COYR

      August 17, 2021
      • NorfolkRed #

        Just got home and how l wish l could swap places with you CA. I’ll even throw in a ticket for the Wigan game! This long ball to Stockley nonsense is doing my nut in. Everytime it is kicked in his direction it is flicked on in hope but nobody is there to pick up the pieces. Stockley has very few options and often chases his own flicks. There is absolutely no style to our play other than hoof it. Morgan worked tirelessly to make things happen. All very disappointing and demoralising. Even the Charlton fans struggled to find their voices in the 2nd half. A very tough watch!

        August 17, 2021

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