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Marcus Maddison returns

Bolton Wanderers have ended the loan spell prematurely of Marcus Maddison and the eccentric midfielder will return to the south.

Maddison has started just 4 matches for Bolton since his loan move there in January. One of those was on Saturday, but he was removed at half-time. He was also sent off on his debut

Bolton manager Ian Evatt said: “The consequences of the pandemic have brought many challenges to so many people, and Marcus, in particular, has found it exceptionally difficult being away from his young daughter and alone in his hotel room.

“First and foremost, our priority is the well-being of all our staff and players, and Marcus’s best interests are paramount.

“He is a very talented footballer and everybody at Bolton Wanderers Football Club wishes him well for the future.”

Evatt spoke after Bolton’s game on Saturday saying that Maddison still had an immediate future in Lancashire, but clearly that changed yesterday. Perhaps Nigel Adkins asked to take a look at him, but I don’t believe he can play for us if his loan officially ends in June.

Maddison only started four league games for us, scoring once against Plymouth. Signed last summer by Gallen and Bowyer, he has an option of a further year, but that could be based on appearances.

Interesting one, and a sad tale if I’m honest. Maddison won’t be the only one that lockdown effected very badly.

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  1. Norfolk Red #

    It is a sad tale CA but not due to the pandemic. It is sad because he has had the opportunity to do what the majority of us can only ever dream of and that’s playing football for a living. So many clubs have taken him on but wherever he has been he has left under a bit of a cloud. The fans of Peterborough, Hull and Charlton have all expressed a frustration with his rather arrogant approach to football as though he is owed a living. On the contrary, l think he is stealing a living. I think he will look back on his career one day and regret that he didn’t apply himself properly. There is nothing worse than wasted talent. Personally, I am reassured CA that you think it will not be possible for MM to play again for Charlton this season. I think his attitude is a catalyst for disaster and the club is better off without him.

    April 12, 2021
  2. David Evans #

    I sincerely do hope that we see the real Marcus Maddison play for Charlton again, once Nigel Adkins can sort out his many issues. He gets people excited and out of their seats when he has his sights on goal. He is only 27 years of age and must still have a desire to play football. If he was fully focused on playing for CAFC he could be a real threat in the future. COYR.

    April 12, 2021
    • By all accounts that’s what he needs to do David. Go away be with his family and find out if he wants to play football again. I don’t think it will be for us, but hopefully MM can collect his thoughts, get his life back on track and play football again.

      April 12, 2021
  3. Shadow Play #

    He also missed a match for Bolton because he overslept.

    I think we all expressed some surprise that he signed for us after refusing to even speak to Bow and Steve Gallen in Jan 2020 and then turning us down when he did. That he was left on the shelf by other clubs before we then signed him suggested to me that there’s something in his reputation that might be common knowledge in the industry but is not widely known outside of it. He was only fleeting a good player for us – two well taken goals but he arrived unfit, there were the niggling injuries, the strange illnesses etc which said to me that he didn’t want to be at the Valley and was coasting through the season. As far as I know we have an option to sign him for next year – maybe NA will look at him and there’s no harm in giving him a couple of U23 matches but the onus is going to be on him to to prove he has the right attitude.

    April 12, 2021
  4. steve mchattie #

    Hi CA, he is not returning to CAFC but will continue to be paid by Bolton. He is now considering giving the game up. Very sad for such a talent

    April 12, 2021

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