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Oxford United 0 Charlton Athletic 0

Steve Brown said the game lacked quality. It lacked most things in all honesty – two mid-table teams playing the season out.

Nothing during that 90 minutes to scare the current top 6 incumbents, but there are still some upside down results and if Schwartz had scored we’d have been two points from the top six which is pretty nuts when you think of our form since the turn of the year.

The game had nothing to get the blood flowing. Both teams were committed but sloppy in possession and lacked any cutting edge with the defenders’ competency being enough to nullify any real goal threat, although Oxford did hit the woodwork.

From the Addicks’ perspective we failed to build any sustained pressure and struggled to put more than a few clean passes together. Millar and Maatsen got into some threatening wide left positions and knocked on the door once or twice, but that was the extent of it.

A better side may have caused us more problems from the occasional sloppiness of the back four, and from Watson’s wayward passing, but they didn’t and 0-0 was the right scoreline.

Yet, if you’re given a penalty with the last kick of the game, then you are in your right to think that the game will only end one way.

Charlton have never been conventional though and Ronnie Schwartz continued his difficult start to Charlton life by having his spot-kick saved. In fairness the Oxford ‘keeper did make a very good save.

It may end up being a good point. That’ll be down to us.

“We have to turn it around (the home form). And we have to turn it around starting Tuesday. These next three home games will be very important in what happens to us.” – Lee Bowyer

Photo Credit: Kyle Andrews

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  1. Daggs #

    I suppose I would have been happy with a draw before kick-off. But to waste the golden opportunity of a 93rd min. penalty …………………..

    March 6, 2021
  2. Mike #

    Agree with you CA and Albury Addiick who said dreadful game with one of the worst Charlton teams he has seen and we won’t be anywhere near the playoffs and a complete rebuild will be required! I honestly can’t understand how Bowyer can come out later on and say to the press we are as good as anyone and wouldn’t fear anyone in the playoffs! The mans deluded.
    Plus afterwards, I think we all knew he would defend Ronnie, as one of his favourites, but if you are a good manager, you do not let a player who has hardly touched the ball every time he has been on the pitch (once today, excluding the penalty miss), when he has been absolutely dreadful and obviously very low in confidence! No matter how good in the Danish league he has been previously at taking penalties, you make sure someone else takes a penalty if given, with his current performances. That’s very poor management, which without indicating that, both Curbs and Eillot implied, as they couldn’t understand why Ronnie took it! So if Bowyer was honest, he should actually blame himself for not winning that game at the last knockings, even though we didn’t derserve it!
    I bet if it had been certain other players who took it and missed, he would not have been so forgiving at one of them missing the penalty, which would have been his excuse for not going away with three points!

    March 6, 2021
  3. fatbloke60 #

    Clean sheet is the best I can say about yesterday’s result. Let’s not forget that this team looks a mid table side, so don’t let’s get carried away with anything else and hope we do finish mid table and not sink any lower but I can’t honestly say that will not happen, at the end of this season we want a serious sort out of players and put a TEAM together that actually FIGHT for the CHARLTON shirt,finally when getting players NOT relying on 4 strikers who don’t score enough goals and a midfield with some more enthusiasm and athleticism
    Sorry this is all downbeat but this season started with hope and expected attempt to get back to the Championship but it’s the usual dross

    March 7, 2021
  4. rierti #

    As your good self and Albury Addick have commented at present the team is poor. As an exercise I thought I would put together a ‘wish you were still here’ team of players still playing viz:-
    Phillips (Gk), Konsa, Bauer, Gomez, DaSilva,(Bk4),Gudmunsson, Cullen, Bielik, Aribo (Midfield),Taylor( reluctantly!!),Grant (Strikers).

    March 7, 2021
    • Let’s be honest you could fill a bench too rierti — Fosu, Pope, Lookman, Fox, Cousins, Field, Leko…..

      March 8, 2021

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